Holding Hands

Just like a child Holding on to her daddy’s hand I hold on to You Knowing that really It’s You holding on to me Through the brightest of days Through the darkest of nights Through every season of life We walk Hand in hand Of all the things I love about You …the power of … More Holding Hands

In Secret

In secret In the quiet stillness Before the dawn of a new day You work Your hands Those of a skilled Master Potter Form And transform My heart I couldn’t resist if I tried Helpless without You I surrender To Your touch And To Your relentless love I know You’re answering my prayers I know … More In Secret

Today’s Choice

Today I choose … to trust to trust Him to trust Him with all my heart and to not lean on my own understanding Today I choose … to rest to rest in Him though weary and sometimes burdened I come to Him and find rest for my soul Today I choose … to love to … More Today’s Choice


When I gaze into Your eyes I see the love that died for me The love that saved me The love that called me To Your side When I gaze into Your eyes I’m healed I’m whole I’m all You created me to be When our eyes meet Heaven and earth collide Into an infinite … More Gazing


As the deer pants for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. –Ps. 42:1 My heart longs for You … still More than my dreams More than fulfilling my destiny More than a clear purpose More than fruitful ministry I love You I want You I long for You … still So … More Still

Until I Know

As I’ve already shared, I’ve committed to posting a couple times a month over on the Live Brave blog. My first post over there was this short poem. I like to get my head around things in simple terms and I wrote that first poem to do just that. I wanted to answer the question … More Until I Know

Do You Remember Wonder?

Do you remember wonder? Do you remember when your heart was awakened to the marvelous mystery of the incarnation; to that wondrous feeling of finally knowing what Christmas was all about? Do you remember when the extraordinary invaded the ordinary, and the ordinary suddenly became extraordinary simply because He was there? Do you remember? Do you remember awe? Do … More Do You Remember Wonder?

For Just a Moment

We’ve been in the Galilee, actually staying on the Mt of Beatitudes for a time of personal retreat these past few days. By the time this posts, we’ll be on our way to Jerusalem, but in the spirit of “rest”–after having the priceless opportunity to slow down to “be” with Him for just a bit–I … More For Just a Moment


There is something just a little magical about the unfolding beauty that comes with the change of seasons. There’s something slightly intoxicating about a deliciously sweet breeze blowing gently through the trees and into my open windows. There’s something incredibly enticing about mercifully mild temperatures that require no artificial heating or cooling. There’s something undeniably … More Perfection

Brave, Not Broken

Spirit awake – one with You Focus steadfast and single   Heart alive – taking flight Soaring on wings of eagles   Senses aware – waiting for You Eyes and ears wide open   Soul alert – ready to run Cos I’m living brave, not broken   This little poem is a tribute to my … More Brave, Not Broken


I’ve been missing him this week.  And my heart is filled with longing. No,  he hasn’t gone anywhere. He never does. He never leaves me. He never forsakes me. He never changes. He is ready and willing to welcome me anytime, anywhere. I’m the one who’s fickle. I’m the one who gets busy. I’m the … More Longing

Such Grace

Such grace amazingly outlandish undeniably unshakable always all-sufficient lavishly showered  upon me   Such grace ridiculously remarkable extravagantly excessive empowering and enabling me to know you    Such grace such amazingly outlandish grace oh how I love oh how I need oh how thankful I am … for grace   “Grace is not a theology. It is … More Such Grace

Forgetting to Breathe (And it’s a Good Thing)

He takes my breath away. No really, he does. Sometimes, when I glimpse his face … the intensity of his gaze … penetrating with truth … yet filled with such merciful kindness … and such unfathomable love … I simply forget to breathe. (And it’s a good thing.) I’m in awe of him. I’m undone in his presence … And … More Forgetting to Breathe (And it’s a Good Thing)


I was looking for something specific in one of my old journals today and I ran across this quickly scribbled poem that I felt stirred to post. Could have tried to spiff it up a bit, but left it “as is” instead  … Movement Sitting with you Gazing into eyes of fire How can I … More Movement

It is Finished

It is finished …    No matter how far I have to go    No matter how often I mess up    No matter weak and foolish I feel   It is finished …    No matter how far you have to go    No matter how often you mess up    No matter weak and foolish you feel   It is finished … More It is Finished

The Awakening

Awake, aware Watching and eagerly waiting   Alive, alert Filled with worshiping wonder   Budding, blossoming Winter thawing into Spring   Emerging, empowering Hope bursting forth on the earth   Released, restored At last, all things made new   Jesus, thank you for heightening my senses to the beauty of this moment.  It’s a new … More The Awakening

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath right here, right now breathe in  life   Breathe in       the glory of his goodness      the beauty of his peace      and the joy of his presence   Breathe in  and be thankful It’s a new day and you still have breath   Breathe out  the … More Take a Deep Breath