This Most Holy Night (a “Night Before Christmas” poem)

T’was the night before Christmas And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even a mouse I finally sat down With a cup of steaming hot tea To ponder the beauty Of what this season truly means Christmas hasn’t always been The easiest of times Deep loneliness and pain Often left me … More This Most Holy Night (a “Night Before Christmas” poem)

The Warrior Bride

Digital Image “Stand” from the Warrior Bride Series by Constance Woods Romantic whimsy and steely determination Etched upon her face A beautiful gown flowing gracefully Over the combat boots on her feet With compassion in her heart Iron in her soul And a spirit aligned with His She is a lover ready for war Her … More The Warrior Bride

In Your Presence

In Your Presence, there is …no hurry …no stress …no striving …no worry …no fear …no confusion …no lack In Your Presence, there is …only peace …only rest …only restoration …only clarity …only grace …only love …only You “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your … More In Your Presence


Expansion Stretching Growing Learning… Usually uncomfortable Always necessary To make room for more… More focus More fullness More fruitfulness More faithfulness More favor Increased capacity… To walk in His goodness To demonstrate His faithfulness To release His kingdom To do His will… On earth as it is in heaven Expansion Stretching Growing Learning… Embrace it … More Expansion

Let David Arise

Come out of hiding My chosen ones Come into the open For your time has come Faith forged in the fire of painful adversity Character developed in hiddenness and quiet obscurity Love refined, redefined by uncompromised purity His beauty now revealed with grace and maturity Saul’s time has passed Let David arise As one in His … More Let David Arise

Daughters of the King

A daughter of the King… Wears dignity like a cloak She is confident and courageous Creative and compassionate A carrier of His presence and peace Arrayed in her Father’s own armor She is humble, yet powerful Gentle, yet bold She is fearless Formidable And free Blessed and highly favored Simply because she is His Cherished … More Daughters of the King

In Your Eyes

In Your eyes I see the love that died for me A burning passion that never has and never will fade Piercing my soul and bringing light to the darkest corners of my heart Love that burns through me Mercy that holds me Joy that fills me Lost forever in unending pools of life In … More In Your Eyes

Just As I Am

“Just as I am – without one plea, But that Thy  blood was shed for me, And that Thou bidst me come to Thee, -Oh Lamb of God, I come.” Just as I am Yet still… Just as I AM Completely me- Flawed, broken, imperfect Yet complete in You- Perfect, healed, whole How can this … More Just As I Am


  Beloved… What if that is who you really are? The beloved of the Beloved Adored Cherished Delighted in Beloved … What if you simply allowed yourself to be loved? Loved by the greatest Lover of all Chosen Desired Accepted as you are Beloved … What if you chose to live from love? Living from … More Beloved

The Sacred Dance

You stretch out Your hand The invitation clear I step out onto the waves and into the dance I lean in close My head upon Your chest And gently You lead me without a word I have no answers I don’t see the way But as I move with You my heart is at rest … More The Sacred Dance

Praying Big Prayers

I used to think I prayed big prayers~ …wild prayers …outlandish prayers …audacious prayers …even scary prayers But then I realized~ …the biggest …wildest …most outlandish and audacious …and definitely the scariest prayer I ever prayed is simply this: Teach me to love The way You love It will take a lifetime It will cost … More Praying Big Prayers

Feeling Nostalgic

I haven’t been posting a lot lately. My thoughts and attention have been elsewhere. I can only do so many things and do them well, so I’ve learned not to force the areas that don’t seem to be flowing. I have a very high value for being intentional with my time and resources, and it … More Feeling Nostalgic

Sometimes …

Sometimes … I just need to gaze I just need to gaze upon Your endless beauty Sometimes … I just need a moment I just need a moment to soak in the fathomless depths of Your love Sometimes … I just need to be still I just need to be still and know that You alone … More Sometimes …

You Alone

In You And You alone I live And move And have my being When I rise When I fall When I succeed When I fail I live unto You And You alone When the way is clear When I’m confused and lost When I’m filled with faith When I’m paralyzed by fear I trust in … More You Alone