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There is something just a little magical about the unfolding beauty that comes with the change of seasons.

There’s something slightly intoxicating about a deliciously sweet breeze blowing gently through the trees and into my open windows. There’s something incredibly enticing about mercifully mild temperatures that require no artificial heating or cooling. There’s something undeniably inspiring about a brilliant blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. There’s something, well, eternal about the warmth of the sun resting blissfully upon my face.

There’s something about it  that causes me to slow down. Something that causes me to pause and reflect. Something that stirs my heart with gratitude and fills my soul with longing. Something that releases a profound sense of peace. Because there’s something about it that reminds me–just a little–of …


We were created for perfection, you know. We were created to behold beauty. Our souls crave it. It’s written into our very DNA.

But, of course, not everything in this fallen world is perfect. Not everything is beautiful. So when I get those glimpses–fleeting as they may be at times–of experiencing this world as it actually was created to be, it causes me to slow down–

to pause —

to reflect —

to bow my heart and my knees …

before the Perfect One.

And soon–very, very soon–perfection will be restored. Because, despite our momentary lapse into darkness, the Perfect One …

is eternal.

And when this eternally Perfect One “makes all things new” …

the unfolding of  his beauty will never,



4 thoughts on “Perfection

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Glenda. So amazing to think we get to “gaze upon the beauty of the Lord all the days of our lives.” Hope you have a gloriously beautiful weekend. Hugs!


  1. I have been wondering why your posts stopped arriving in my email box. Don’t know why but I resubscribed today. Glad to see you are writing, and ever so eloquently, I might add. Love this!


    1. Good to hear from you, Kate. I’ve had that happen before too (heard others say the same) … one day the emails just stop. (WordPress gremlins?) At any rate, thanks for your kind words–such an encouragement!


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