Do You Know the Way You Move Me?

Do you know the way you move me?
yes, you.
In all your imperfections
and places of immaturity
in inconsistency
and even failure
still …
you move me.
You’ve captured my heart
you’ve caught my eye
I delight in you
and I’m pleased with you.
Simply because you’re mine
simply because you’ve said “yes”
because even in your weaknesses and imperfections
I know your love for me is real 
I know you believe …
and it moves me.
Do you know the way you move me?
Do you feel the way my heart leaps when you look my way?
Do you know how much I love you?
My plans for you don’t change with the wind
circumstances don’t define your destiny
I created you to love you
and I do
always and forever, I do.
Do you know the way you move me?
Each time you say “yes”
each time you whisper my name
each and every glance my way
every movement of your heart toward mine …
it moves me.
And my love for you will never change. 
 A couple of days ago I was taking a walk and had my iPhone playing in its usual random shuffle mode. Misty Edward’s song “Do You Know the Way You Move Me?” came on and I was the one who was moved. It had been a discouraging week on a number of levels, but in mere moments instead of being downcast, I was a broken down blubbering mess of gratitude.  
Here’s the thing, I do know the way I move him–I know the way he loves me–and when I’m mindful of that fact, it moves me back to a place of gratitude and right perspective. It moves me back to a place of desiring what he desires–of longing for his love to be made known to those who don’t know the way they move him; to those who are struggling. 
Some years ago I had set apart some time to spend with Jesus but instead spent a good portion of that time distracted by other things. When at last I came to my “prayer closet” I sheepishly announced to the Lord, “Well, here I am–your wayward child.” He immediately responded, and as he did, his voice contained a depth of emotion and longing that I have only heard on a small handful of occasions … 
How I wish all my children were so wayward. 
My heart broke–along with his–and immediately I understood. He has me. Yeah, sometimes I get discouraged or distracted and I get pulled away from his gaze.  I don’t love him perfectly and I don’t always get things right. But I’m his and he is mine. He loves me and I know it. And I know, he knows, that I love him.  I do know that I move him …  
But many others don’t. 
So today, in case you’ve forgotten (or in case you never really knew to begin with) I want to remind you. If you’re his–you move him. He delights in you. He’s pleased with you–despite all your imperfections and failures. He knows the sincerity of your love and faith–even when you don’t believe it yourself. 
Don’t get stuck in that place of discouragement and distraction. Lift your gaze right back to his. And as you do, maybe, just maybe, instead of focusing on your own insecurities and issues … you’ll hear his longing for the ones who don’t yet know his love … for the ones who don’t yet believe in his goodness … for the ones who don’t yet know how  incredibly easy it is … 
To move him. 
Just look his way. That’s really all it takes. 
Do you know the way you move him?

4 thoughts on “Do You Know the Way You Move Me?

  1. Love this; all of this! Misty Edwards is one along with Kimberly and Alberto Rivera who beautifully usher me into His presence.


    1. I know! So thankful for those He gifts in ways that minister to so many. I listen to Misty sets (along with a ton of other gifted worship leaders) on the IHOP KC webstream all the time. If you’ve never listened you can tune into the live feed anytime (24/7) for free from either a computer or smart phone. I keep it going almost all the time at home 🙂


    1. I love that He is always so faithful to encourage us–and even more amazed that sometimes He allows us the privilege of getting to encourage one another. Hugs right back to you!


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