Cindy Powell

Revealing His heart…in the beauty of simplicity



Many things in life are complicated but our faith doesn’t need to be one of them. In fact, I believe simplicity may be one of the most powerful keys to unlocking the depths of God’s beauty and love.

I’m Cindy Powell and I’m glad you stopped by! My desire has always been to make the deep places of God’s heart simple and accessible. Jesus said many things that were profoundly deep, but they were also wonderfully simple. I’ve often joked that God put the cookies on the bottom shelf—where absolutely anyone can reach them!

Even though everyone can reach them, not everyone does. My passion is to do whatever I can within my sphere of influence (including my little corner of the cyber world) to help expose some of the lies and wrong theological ideas that keep us from truly knowing God’s heart.  And that is my prayer for you as you visit this site—that something here will draw you just a bit closer to Him.  I pray that you will find rest in the unfathomable riches of His goodness and grace and that you will be drawn to worship Him in the beauty of simplicity over and over again…

Because He simply loves you

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