Praying Big Prayers

I used to think I prayed big prayers~
…wild prayers
…outlandish prayers
…audacious prayers
…even scary prayers

But then I realized~
…the biggest
…most outlandish and audacious
…and definitely the scariest
prayer I ever prayed is simply this:

Teach me to love
The way You love

It will take a lifetime

It will cost everything

At times, it will be harder than I can possibly fathom

But I can’t help myself

Because this Love
…this big
…and yes, even scary, Love

Has captured my heart.

So Lord, please, teach me to love–the way You love. 

6 thoughts on “Praying Big Prayers

  1. Oh yes Cindy…learning to love Him first with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and then our neighbour as ourselves…a life long process that constantly amazes and transforms us and those around us. It’s worth all we go through during our journey of love with the One who first loved us!


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