Monday Morning Musings: Gentle Whispers

“After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” –1 Kings 19:12

Sometimes his voice comes like a mighty rushing wind–and it’s glorious.

Sometimes his voice comes like an earthquake awaking our souls–and it’s powerful.

Sometimes his voice ignites our hearts with the unquenchable fire of his passion–and it’s overwhelming.

But sometimes … sometimes he’s quiet.

But just because he’s quiet doesn’t mean he isn’t speaking. 

Just because the season is quiet doesn’t mean it lacks purpose.

Just because his voice is still and small–a gentle whisper carried on the breeze–doesn’t mean he isn’t present.

… It doesn’t mean he has forgotten you.

… It doesn’t mean he isn’t working.

… It doesn’t mean he isn’t near.

… It doesn’t mean you’re not being faithful.

It just means he trusts you. He trusts you with the quiet. He trusts you with stillness.

He trusts you with his gentle whispers.

It’s a good place–this place of rest and quiet. For a while, I wasn’t sure. I felt unproductive in the things that mattered. I felt unfruitful. I thought I was missing out. I thought I was missing him …

Instead I’m learning to find him all over again. 

I’m finding him in the quiet. In the stillness. In rest. I’m finding him where I can’t be deluded by a false sense of identity or purpose. I’m finding him in a place where all the props have been stripped away.

In a place where all that’s left to hold onto … all that’s left to believe in … to desire …

Is him.

I’ve grown more confident in this quiet place. I’ve grown more sure; more secure. Time is in his hands and so am I. There is time to do everything he purposes to do. There is time to do everything he purposes for me to do.

There will be time again for the glory of the mighty rushing wind. There will be time  again for trembling in the power of his presence. And there will be time, yet again, for being ignited with his fiery passion. But now–right now–it is time to simply lean into him. It is time to lean in so very close …

To hear his gentle whispers.

Jesus, Thank you for the unspeakable blessing of daily intimate communion with you–communion that becomes all the more sweet and profound in the quiet seasons of life. I know you’re always working Lord — when I see and feel it — and especially when I don’t. I’m grateful beyond words for the privilege of knowing you and simply being yours. I love you forever. ~Amen.

16 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings: Gentle Whispers

  1. Hi Cindy,
    I just wanted you to know that I really, really liked the idea you presented in this post.
    love to you friend,


  2. Powerful. Very powerful. The quiet place is where we always connect to Him. At those times when He seems so far away (I call it the Desert Experience), that still quietness of my prayer closet plus the quiet tears of longing for Him that freely flow brings back the quiet, but powerful, assurance of His ever-abiding Presence, Care and Love. Praise Our Lord and God forever in the beauty of His magnificent Power and Holiness!!!


  3. Beautiful…sounds so much like the One I know and love. Thanks for following my blog. Gonna sign up to follow yours. I feel a kindred spirit here! By the way I sometime post on my site…Monday Morning Musings.
    Look forward to reading more of your blogs.


    1. Hi Glenda – I had intended to go read more of your blog after you emailed me last month – I finally did! Now I can keep up 🙂 And regarding the “Monday Morning Musings” — a few months back when I started posting every Monday with that title, of course I thought I made it up … but it seems several other people “made it up” too … some of them long before me! Blessings to you~


  4. Must be the God co-incidence we talk about. Incredible that He speaks to His children in the same way often and we get to honor Him by using the Words He puts in our minds.
    Blessings back at you, my new blogger friend!


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