Brave, Not Broken

Spirit awake –
one with You
Focus steadfast and single
Heart alive –
taking flight
Soaring on wings of eagles
Senses aware –
waiting for You
Eyes and ears wide open
Soul alert –
ready to run
Cos I’m living brave, not broken

This little poem is a tribute to my amazingly BRAVE friend Lesley Glenn and all the other fabulous “Live Brave” writers on the Live Brave, Not Broken blog. If you haven’t checked it out–you should!

7 thoughts on “Brave, Not Broken

  1. Hey Cindy Jake and Karley Sudyka here, we just wanted to say that you have been such an amazing supporter. It is mind blowing how you have stuck with us in prayer and financial support over the years. You barely know us and yet you have been one of the most faithful supporters we have had over our five years in Argentina. So we just wanted to bless your life and give you every victory we have overcome so that you can store it in Heaven. We also Pray that all the financial support you have given us would be multiplied tenfold. Thank you soooo much Cindy for your faithfulness.

    P.S. Keep going with your blog its a tool to reveal the Father

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    1. Good to hear from you 🙂 You guys are awesome and I love the way God is working in and through your lives! I’m so happy to partner with you in at least a small way and wish it could be more. Many blessings and much joy to you!!


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