I’ve been missing him this week. 

And my heart is filled with longing.

No,  he hasn’t gone anywhere. He never does. He never leaves me. He never forsakes me. He never changes. He is ready and willing to welcome me anytime, anywhere.

I’m the one who’s fickle.

I’m the one who gets busy. I’m the one who gets distracted. I’m the one who forgets …

He’s right there waiting.


He’s right there waiting to ease the longing in my heart.  Because the longing in my heart …

Is for him.

It’s a gift — this longing — this ache — this love. It keeps me from drifting too far. It keeps me near enough to hear his gentle whispers — near enough to be captured again by the look in his eyes — near enough to quickly run back into his waiting arms. He knows I need him too much. He knows I want him too much.

But oh how I want to want him more! Oh how I long to never wander from his heart–not for a moment, let alone for an hour,  or a day, or … well, for too long.

So my heart is filled with longing …

again …

for him.

But the amazing thing about this particular longing is that it never needs to go unanswered. So right now, if you don’t mind, I’m checking out.

I’m checking out, to check in …

With the One my heart longs for. 

11 thoughts on “Longing

  1. “I’m checking out, to check in” love that! Indeed we long for Him because He longs for us, what a faithful and true heart is He. When I consider the people who “love” me no one loves me like He does, for no other reason but to share Himself that’s a lot of sharing :). There’s never a moment that He doesn’t want to spend time with me or is tired of me. He is faithful and true, patient and gracious. So with that being said, “I’m checking out, to go check in.” Thanks for sharing friend.


  2. Such a beautifully honest post. We all wander off… yet that “longing” as you said “is a gift” He gives us. I know this myself all too well…
    May you be blessed
    Stephanie (Streim)


  3. Awesome. I decided to take a break from my busy Saturday, getting ready for tomorrow’s service, thinking of all the things that need to get done…and I read your post. Ahhhhh…I’m jumping in…taking time to stop and rest in His embrace! What joy, what peace! He’s is so willing to love, so patient and kind with our wandering hearts. Thank you, thank you!


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