In my spare time, I write books.

Well, at least I’ve written a few of them. Here is what is currently available. Click on the picture for the link to purchase on Amazon. For more detailed descriptions, see the “All Books and Resources” page. Check back often, because there are always others in the works!


LLCover finalbb

HRWEAH cover


All are currently available for purchase on!

4 thoughts on “Books/Resources

  1. Congrats on having the book published, Cindy! Must feel good to have the project completed. I am looking forward to reading the Kindle version. I thank God for your transparency and dedication to this assignment. Looking forward to diving in …


  2. Thanks Kate. The Kindle version should be ready within a couple of days. When it is, I’ll do an announcement on the blog, as well as via email and Facebook. Allthough there are things I wish I could have done a little differently, after carrying this thing in my heart for years, it does indeed feel great to have taken it this far. I’m glad you are looking forward to reading it!


  3. I re-wrote a blurb page about who I am too and I’d really like you to read it. It’s called “Who Am I?” and it tells more about who I am and a quick synopsis of my life. Like you, I am also a full-bore Christian. … and I have seen Jesus, as fully in the flesh as one can get – one world to another. There are 2 “Pages” on top that tell the story of how I “met” Him in 1982. Also there is a page about feeding finches that really deepened my faith.

    Keep writing, I’m really enjoying going through your stuff.


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