Consecrated Time

Time What an extravagant and lavish gift Time to simply be Without an agenda Without any obligation to make “good” use of the time and space I find myself in Without anything to prove Without a need to accomplish anything Or discover anything – Other than what always is And that is simply You – … More Consecrated Time

Selah …

Selah. Pause. Ponder. Think about it. Take it in. Consider carefully. That’s what I’ve been doing. Pausing. Pondering. Thinking about stuff. Taking it in. Carefully considering the things stirring in my heart. I’ve started writing a couple of things, but I’m not getting very far. I’m not focused. There’s no flow. When that happens more … More Selah …


There is something just a little magical about the unfolding beauty that comes with the change of seasons. There’s something slightly intoxicating about a deliciously sweet breeze blowing gently through the trees and into my open windows. There’s something incredibly enticing about mercifully mild temperatures that require no artificial heating or cooling. There’s something undeniably … More Perfection

Forgetting to Breathe (And it’s a Good Thing)

He takes my breath away. No really, he does. Sometimes, when I glimpse his face … the intensity of his gaze … penetrating with truth … yet filled with such merciful kindness … and such unfathomable love … I simply forget to breathe. (And it’s a good thing.) I’m in awe of him. I’m undone in his presence … And … More Forgetting to Breathe (And it’s a Good Thing)

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath right here, right now breathe in  life   Breathe in       the glory of his goodness      the beauty of his peace      and the joy of his presence   Breathe in  and be thankful It’s a new day and you still have breath   Breathe out  the … More Take a Deep Breath

Monday Morning Musings: Gentle Whispers

“After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” –1 Kings 19:12 Sometimes his voice comes like a mighty rushing wind–and it’s glorious. Sometimes his voice comes like an earthquake awaking our souls–and it’s powerful. Sometimes his voice ignites our hearts with the unquenchable … More Monday Morning Musings: Gentle Whispers

I Will Return

Return. I’ve been hearing the word over and over again. Not just from the Lord to me–but Jesus calling out to his bride … Return. The word is relevant to all of us. Whether you’ve taken a tiny step away from his presence  by giving in to a momentary distraction, or if you’ve been running fast … More I Will Return


Return Return to Me Turn around; change your mind Return to My heart; return to My peace Take your thoughts captive to the Truth Silence the lies of the accuser– Return and rest   Rest Rest in Me Step out of the commotion Inhale–breathe in the soothing aroma of My presence Exhale–breathe out the perplexity and … More Return

Shhh …

Shhh … What do you hear? When the smartphone is put away.  When the computer is shut down.  When the television and the iPod are silent.  What do you hear? Do you hear him? Shhh … What do you hear? When the props are gone.  When the distractions fade. When everyone and everything else slips into the … More Shhh …