Selah …





Think about it. Take it in.

Consider carefully.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Pausing. Pondering. Thinking about stuff. Taking it in. Carefully considering the things stirring in my heart.

I’ve started writing a couple of things, but I’m not getting very far. I’m not focused. There’s no flow. When that happens more than a time or two, I start to pay attention. So instead of trying to force something, I’m pausing and pondering. I’m stepping back and giving myself a moment or two to breathe — a moment or two to reflect — a moment or two to rest.

A moment or two to collect my thoughts.

I’m sure the words will start flowing again in a few days, but even if they don’t that’s okay. In fact, that’s one of the things I’ve been pondering. I’ve been pondering what it means to go with the flow …

Even when the “flow” is standing still.

And right now, that’s what’s happening. So I’m standing still too. I’m standing still and taking just a moment. I’m taking just a moment to …


What about you–is there an area in your life where you need to take a little break to “selah”?

4 thoughts on “Selah …

  1. Yeah. I’m in it right now. I took a deliberate one month break from blogging sort of feeling that I yap yap more then I listen (to God). So I guess we both go Selah… And on a big scale, I guess I am in a two year Selah period as I am changing the direction of my life and career and entering a married life… Big Selah… A lot of good stuff comes out of it 🙂


    1. Wow! That is a lot to ponder 🙂 It’s good to take those blogging breaks now and again to keep our ears tuned and to keep things fresh. For me, this one will be short but I’ve taken longer ones too. Blessings to you as you enter a new season of life… may your heart be at rest in Him in every season!


  2. Cindy,
    Gratefully, standing Still on the Solid Rock of the Household of Faith. Grateful He is standing with us and strengthening us right now. Pondering what the next step of faith is. Waiting for Him to cause my writing to flow again. Worshipping Him with the fruit of my lips, giving thanks to His name. Presenting my body as a living sacrifice as a spiritual sacrifice of worship, grateful to be part of the Royal Priesthood of believers.
    Thanks for helping stir the waters this morning!


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