Worthy of it All?

ba691aaf-9004-4823-8d31-2515965e8dfaJesus, You’re worthy of it all

You’re worthy of the journey

You’re worthy of every step…

-Whether in faith or fear

-In clarity or confusion

-In plenty or in lack

-In fullness or, even, in nothingness

It’s easy to say He is worthy of your best, but is He worthy of the struggle? It’s easy to declare Him worthy on the mountaintop, but is He worthy in the deepest valley?

It sounds almost perverse, but when you’re at your worst and that’s all you’ve got, is He worthy of your worst? Could perhaps the greater gift be declaring His worth when we’re at our weakest? At our most exposed and vulnerable? Worthy not just in my fullness, but in my emptiness? In my nothingness?

When there are no props, no false sense of identity or purpose, nothing to jolt me out of my numbness, when it’s just me and a trunk full of questions, detours, and disappointments … even then … still … is He worthy of it all?


He is worthy. He is worthy of it all.

It never was, and never will be, about me. When a blank slate of nothingness is all I have to give, even then … maybe especially then … Jesus, You are worthy of it all.

“No matter how small my all may be, I want to lay all of me at Your feet.” -Misty Edwards

Yes, Jesus, You’re worthy. You’re worthy of it ALL.


I didn’t have the song below in mind when I wrote this post, but I did think of it afterwards. it fits in so many ways, and even if it didn’t, it’s an awesome song to share!

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