Monday Morning Musings: Be Still and Know

Be still and know that I am God. –Psalm 46:10

I’ve written on this verse before. I’ll write on it again. I could ponder it every day for the rest of my life and never get to the bottom of it.

That’s because it doesn’t have a bottom. It’s not about finding the end. It’s not about a beginning, either.

It’s just about him.

It’s about being. It’s about being still. It’s about being still and knowing. It’s about being still and knowing he is.

He is God. 

As I write this I’m still in Kansas City at the International House of Prayer. I always joke that this is my “happy place.”  And it is. It’s my happy place because I come here for one reason and one reason only …

I come to be still …

I come to be still and know he is God.

A friend mentioned before I left that it will be great that I’ll come home  all filled up with some great revelation to share. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. I realized afterwards that I really didn’t care all that much one way or the other. I always want to be open to whatever Jesus wants to do and whatever he wants to reveal–but that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to be still …

I’m here to be still and know he is God. 

I’m here to be with him. I’m here to gaze into his eyes. I’m here to tell him again that I love him. I’m here to tell him again that I’m so very thankful. So very thankful just to be. So very thankful just to be his.

Of course I don’t need to travel to Kansas City to do that. And I’m thankful for that too. While it’s glorious to have times set apart from the normal distractions of life, that isn’t an everyday occurences.

But his presence is an everyday occurence.

Because he always is. Because he always is God …

Everywhere and every day.

So today … wherever you are … whatever you’re doing … be still for just a moment. Look up. Gaze into his eyes. Tell him again that you love him. Tell him again that you’re thankful … not for what he does … not for what he reveals to you …

But just because you’re his. 

And just because he is. 

Just because he is, and forever will be


Thank you, Lord, for the most significant and unchanging reality in all of the universe–the reality that you are, and forever will be, God. As you draw me to your heart in the stillness of this moment, may I be overwhelmed, yet again, by the immense pleasure of simply being with you; the pleasure of simply being yours. ~ Amen.

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings: Be Still and Know

  1. This morning I am taking my kids to school after a seven year season of homeschooling. I am thankful for the reminders that this post has brought to my heart. He is everpresent, everywhere, everyday… Thanks Cindy!


  2. Amen sister! “Just because He is and ever will be”~~ The beauty of each morning, waiting in the stillness…
    Nothing more amazing!
    May you be blessed Cindy!


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