Rule the Air

Rule the airFor Verizon, it was a tagline.

For the enemy of our souls it was more. It was a strategy.

“Rule the Air.”

Control the airways. Control communication. Control technology.


It’s nothing new. In Ephesians, satan himself is called “the prince of the power of the air” (See Eph 2:2).

But hell never gets the last word. The demonic stranglehold on the airways HAS reeked all kinds of havoc in our world, but the tide has turned. I’m not one for making big prophetic declarations via social media, but I’m making one now:

A NEW authority has begun to rule the air …

The praying Church.

A BELIEVING Church that is finally arising in Kingdom authority.

Of course, Jesus is the only true “Ruler of the Air” but He has chosen to partner with humanity. He  gave us—His Church—the authority to bind and loose the Kingdom on the earth (see Matt. 18:18). When we fail to take Jesus at His word and don’t exercise our God-given authority over the earth, we create a vacuum the enemy is only too eager to fill.

And that’s exactly what happened. Hell filled in the gaps while the Church slept. But the jig is up. The past years have been filled with an unprecedented exposure of evil. The veil has been lifted for anyone with even the slightest level of spiritual discernment. Although many continue to choose slumber, more and more have been awakened. A growing remnant in the western Church is beginning to sound the alarm rather than press the snooze button. Instead of continuing to play defense, we are finally doing what God said to do from the beginning…


The tide has turned but we still have a long way to go. While there are already some obvious signs in the natural that reveal what is happening in unseen realms, now is not the time to shrink back. Arise and shine victorious Bride of Christ—the battle rages on but He has already assured our victory.

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

In His love, and with His authority… Rule the air, beloved. Rule the air.

2 thoughts on “Rule the Air

  1. That was good Cindy , I haven’t seen that ad. Makes alot of sense. God gave have you that connection . The governments coming out with their own truth ministry. The only truth is Jesus is alive and He’s coming back . 😘Linda

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    1. Amen. It’s actually an old ad—which makes sense since the strategy is not new—but I always remembered it because of the spiritual overtones. The good news is that things ARE shifting 🙌🏻


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