Consecrated Time

Art by Aeron Brown
What an extravagant and lavish gift
Time to simply be
Without an agenda
Without any obligation to make “good” use
of the time and space I find myself in
Without anything to prove
Without a need to accomplish anything
Or discover anything –
Other than what always is
And that is simply You –
You here with me
In time

I don’t have to get it
I don’t have to steward it particularly well
I don’t even have to respond in a particular way
I just need to be
I just need to be me –
Here with You
Whatever that looks like
Whatever it feels like
Whatever does or does not happen
There are no necessary results
There is no grand master scheme to consider
There is only now
And this gift of time
This gift of a moment in time

But, really –
Is it a moment in time
or a moment outside of time?
Could it be a moment of eternal purity and truth
breaking through the illusion of time?
In all the busyness of this chaotic planet
Perhaps the most extreme and extravagant thing to do
Is to be
In utter simplicity
In complete freedom
Freedom from striving
Freedom from obligation
To anyone or anything

It’s almost too absurd to comprehend
But maybe “being” is the ultimate act of consecration
Maybe it is the ultimate act of letting go
Maybe it is a complete stripping away
Of all that binds
And blinds
And of all that distracts
With delusions of our own self-importance
Maybe it is knowing
Absolutely knowing
That even in the absolute absence of my good works
And best efforts
He is still pleased
He is still present
He is still who He says He is
He will still do what He says He will do
And He is still here
With me
In time.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Not will
Not must
But can
I can choose to do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Even when
For a moment
“All things”
Means finding
The strength
And courage
To choose
To simply be


I’m well aware that the above words do not adequately capture what’s in my heart. Most of this post was taken directly from an entry in my journal last month while sitting in the Alabaster House in Redding, CA. In December, often the busiest time of the year, the Lord invited me to “come away with Him” for an extravagant and unexpected time of rest and resetting. It certainly wasn’t a logical thing to do, but His call was unmistakable. To say I experienced stillness and a lack of striving at a new level would be an understatement. Perhaps one day I will have language to better express the depth of freedom I experienced during this time–but then again, maybe not. Either way, I’m praying that a taste of the profound and perfect rest that is always available to us in Him will invade your soul at a deeper level throughout the coming year.

10 thoughts on “Consecrated Time

  1. Wow, that first poem in particular really resonated with me. May I use it (with a link to your site, of course) for my “Not-My-Poetry” on Thursday? Right now, I’m in “quarantine” in our home from my work at a school nurse due to Influenza A, an unexpected several days of alone time. I hope to experience more of this “time”. (You’re from Reading? Have you heard of Bethel?)

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    1. I’m glad it resonated 🙂 And yes, please feel free to post with a link – that would be an honor.

      I am not actually from Redding (I live down south) but have several friends there. I have been to Bethel many times (Bethel is a big part of why my friends live there in the first place). The Alabaster House (where I wrote this) is Bethel’s house of prayer and one of my happy places.

      Sending this with prayers for quick healing, along with many sweet kisses of His grace along the way!

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  2. Cindy,
    Thank you for sharing! This is so true…and I love it when I can come away with my beloved…even when I can’t get away, I find that place within my home. After my bible study teaching responsibilities, I find I am often feeling poured out and empty…But taking the time He gives me replenishes and refreshes me, so that I can keep on keeping on. Bob Sorge….author of The Secret Place encourages his readers to take a week off from social media and the busyness of life so that we can tarry in His Presence. When I do this, there’s a deep deep rest and abiding that enters my soul. Even getting to the point where boredom can set in is not a bad thing. It just prepares us to anticipate what He will do to fill up those emptied spaces of the heart, so there is more room for Him and His new agenda for each day.
    Blessings to you dear friend.


    1. Amen Glenda. I love that rest is always available in Him – in every season 😊 And, I love Bob Sorge! I’ve read several of his books – Secrets of the Secret Place is a great one ❤️ Many blessings and much joy to you!


  3. “Either way, I’m praying that a taste of the profound and perfect rest that is always available to us in Him will invade your soul at a deeper level throughout the coming year.”

    Amen. How sweet it is! I’m praying that prayer, too. 🙂

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