This Most Holy Night (a “Night Before Christmas” poem)

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse

I finally sat down
With a cup of steaming hot tea
To ponder the beauty
Of what this season truly means

Christmas hasn’t always been
The easiest of times
Deep loneliness and pain
Often left me wondering “why?”

Why couldn’t I forget
The ache within my soul
And joyfully roll
With the season’s festive flow?

But finally I realized—
THAT is why He came
Not to deny our hurts
But to carry our pain

He invaded our darkness
With the promise of new life
Hope reborn within us
On that most holy night

I don’t have to be jolly
Or have everything figured out
To know that Immanuel
Is what Christmas is all about

He is God with us—
In both good times and bad
He is our hope
And the reason we can stand

So wherever you find yourself
On this most holy night
May the Love of all loves
Surround and fill your life

Tonight it may be dark
But let Christmas remind us
Love will never fail—
He is standing right beside us!

May you know that Immanuel
The One Who never leaves your side
IS the miracle of Christmas
On this most holy night

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