Daughters of the King

Art by Aeron Brown

A daughter of the King…
Wears dignity like a cloak
She is confident and courageous
Creative and compassionate
A carrier of His presence and peace

Arrayed in her Father’s own armor
She is humble, yet powerful
Gentle, yet bold
She is fearless
And free

Blessed and highly favored
Simply because she is His
Cherished beyond measure
And unabashedly adored

Adorned with His beauty and filled with His light
She releases the brightness of His glory
And the reign of His Kingdom
With each and every step of faith
The yes in her heart
Thunders throughout creation
Changing the course of history
Blazing a trail for those to come

She delivers tender words of truth
And fatal blows to darkness
With equal grace and ease
Her tears, liquid gold
Her laughter, healing balm
Her praise, a sharpened arrow
In the quiver of the King

Bearing His image
Released in His authority
She is a living epistle of grace
Her life indisputable evidence
Of His radical
And always redeeming love

His blood pulsating through her veins
She is fully alive
Fully awake
Fully aware and prepared
For such a time as this

A daughter of the King…
Knows who she is
Knows Whose she is
And knows what she was created to do

Because a daughter of the King…
Is meant to be seen
And meant to be known
Her voice
Your voice
Our voices…
Are meant to be heard

Daughters of the King…

6 thoughts on “Daughters of the King

  1. Powerful Cindy! Image enhances your inspired words.
    “She knows who she is, knows whose she is, and knows what she was created to do.”
    Think I will share with my granddaughter, Hanna.


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