What if that is who you really are?
The beloved of the Beloved
Delighted in

Beloved …

What if you simply allowed yourself to be loved?
Loved by the greatest Lover of all
Accepted as you are

Beloved …

What if you chose to live from love?
Living from the Love that lives in you
Without fear

Beloved …

What if that is who you really are?

Just as you are … you can be the beloved. Because you already are.  He already adores you. And because He already does …

You can also be love.

We need that. The world really, really needs His love.

The world needs to be loved.

4 thoughts on “Beloved

    1. Yes, such a simple but overwhelmingly profound truth – we are SO loved! Always good to hear from you Glenda. I hope the new year has started off well for you!! Blessings and hugs 😊


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