The Sacred Dance

Shavet szion

You stretch out Your hand
The invitation clear
I step out onto the waves and into the dance

I lean in close
My head upon Your chest
And gently You lead me without a word

I have no answers
I don’t see the way
But as I move with You my heart is at rest

You’re calling me deeper
Into both mystery and grace
As I learn to lean fully on what can’t be seen

This sacred dance of trust
Will continue to unfold
Until at last I stand face to face with the One …
Who teaches me to dance

8 thoughts on “The Sacred Dance

  1. “I step out onto the waves and into the dance” Perfect line! And I think this is my favorite poem of yours. 🙂 It’s been my anthem song…or should I say, dance!.


    1. The “dance” is an ongoing lifestyle for me too 🙂 In fact I’ve had the title of a book on the topic stirring for over a decade … I’m thinking it might be time to start writing! Blessings to you Mel.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Awesome. I will definitely get it! Mine is about out. I had some technical problems with the cover over the last few days. Should be available by this weekend. 🙂 I will post on my blog when it publishes.


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