The Warrior Bride

Digital Image “Stand” from the Warrior Bride Series by Constance Woods

Romantic whimsy and steely determination
Etched upon her face
A beautiful gown flowing gracefully
Over the combat boots on her feet
With compassion in her heart
Iron in her soul
And a spirit aligned with His
She is a lover ready for war

Her Beloved, the Captain of Angel Armies
The Lord of Hosts
Eternally arrayed in splendor and majesty
He speaks, and mountains tremble
One glance, and darkness flees
Righteousness and justice –
The foundation of His throne
He won’t relent until all see
Until all know
The beauty of His holiness
And the fervor of His love

Her allegiance is to Him –
And Him alone
Her identity found in His presence…
In the way He looks at her
In the words He speaks to her
In the victory He’s won for her

Her passion is to know Him
Her purpose is to worship
Her calling is to stay near His heart
But her assignment is to STAND …
In the heat of battle
Wielding the sword of the Spirit
Speaking truth to every wind of deception
Releasing light into the darkness
And setting captives free

This is the Warrior Bride
The object of His great affection
The expression of His heart’s desire
She wars from rest
And unshakeable
In the conviction
That His Kingdom will come
And His will, will be done
On earth as it is in heaven

“…As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.” – Is 62:5b

9 thoughts on “The Warrior Bride

  1. WOW!
    Beautiful and powerful words! My heart sang as I was reading it. Thank you. And thank you for all your posts.
    I usually don’t reply, but I read them sometimes over and over, my heart always recognizing the heart of the one you speak of. Him!


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