Away From the Noise

Abba, hold me
Please, just hold me
Hold me close-
Close to Your heart
I don’t want to try to say the right things
I don’t want to try to do the right things
I just want to be me
The real–uncensored, unfiltered–me
Here with You
I don’t want to try to convince You
That I understand
Or that I’ve got anything figured out
I don’t want to “try” to do anything
I just want to be here
Here with You
In Your arms
Near Your heart
Thank You, Abba, for being my safe place
For being the sacred space
Where I can pour out my heart
Without pretense
Without shame
Without obligation or pressure
Here, I’m understood
Even when I don’t understand
Here, I’m known
Even when I don’t know
And here, I’m loved
Even when I don’t feel the least bit lovable
Here, with You
I’m held by grace
I’m kept by peace
Here, I’m covered
I’m blissfully, gloriously, wondrously covered
By Love
And here
Away from the noise
For a moment
I can breathe

The world seems incredibly noisy lately. Honestly, right now, words seem to exhaust me. I’m so tired of so many words. I’m tired of writing them, reading them, and saying them. I’m especially tired of listening to so many well-meaning, but oft repeated, words. Personally, I think most of the Body of Christ has heard enough words to pretty much last a life time. We don’t need to hear more–we need to lay hold of what we’ve already heard.

While I’m exceptionally tired of our take on His words, I never tire of His. I never tire of hearing His voice. Obviously there are still times His voice comes to me through another person, but most of the time it comes from simply leaning my head on His chest. It comes from meditating on His Word. It comes from worship.

It comes from simply being with Him.

I don’t need more words–I just need simple daily reminders that He is faithfully watching over His Word to perform it. In blissful moments of quiet communion, He continues to write His own words more deeply upon my heart. He affirms His promises in ways that transcend human words and understanding.  And there, away from the noise, I’m changed. I’m revived. I’m restored. And in those moments, I’m equipped to bring His peace…His hope…and the promise of His faithfulness…back into the clamor.

9 thoughts on “Away From the Noise

  1. SO good! I have been feeling exactly the same of late. While walking the dog with my husband last night, I said similar words: “I am so tired of the noise and clutter. I just want to be STILL and “BE”. Be with God. Intimately KNOW Him… hear HIS voice. Thank you for taking your time to put into words and articulate with specificity what many of the Body are probably feeling right now. Bless you!


  2. “Personally, I think most of the Body of Christ has heard enough words to pretty much last a life time. We don’t need to hear more–we need to lay hold of what we’ve already heard.”

    Amen! So good. As you probably are aware, I’ve been on this strange “word” trek with atheists and Jesus haters on my blog. I’m personally quite bored with it, and it has nothing to do with the rest of my world, but I felt God wanting me there for this season because so many believers have been duped by their lies. But I keep thinking, my life in Christ depends on none of these things! LOL! Of course, I cannot prove it quantitatively but what you’re talking about here is more real than anything I can experience with my physical senses. Yet, He whacks out my physical senses! LOL!

    Blessings to you, sister. I love your heart. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Mel–always so good to hear from you! Yes, I have seen your “strange word trek” – and I admire your patience! I think I’ve mentioned before that I couldn’t do it :-/. But I’m so grateful that no matter what “assignment” we may be on, we still find our true life in His presence. As they say, a man with an argument is no match for a man with an experience. He is so extravagant in His pursuit of our hearts that I’m quite certain there has been at least one — and most likely many more — that have gotten at least a taste of that truth as He’s taken you on this little trek. Even if they’re not ready to admit it … yet. Personally, I am grateful I don’t have to try to fit the infinite and eternal between my ears–I love that He whacks me out of my physical senses! Many blessings to you!!

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      1. What you said about a man with an experience reminded me of what Bill Johnson said one time, talking about how we should get up off the floor from an encounter changed:

        “That encounter with God is supposed to give you a courage to stand in the midst of opposing ideas and to be bold for things that are right. A courage, a confidence that God has called you by name. You get up with a different sense of personal responsibility for the impact on the city…now you may still have people who hang up on you (rejection) but because of your encounter with God it’s okay because you have an inner strength that is not controlled by the applause of people. Over time that courage stands when everyone who opposes you falls. Suddenly, we have translated revival into a transformational influence for the city.”

        Amen and amen! So good…so true! He truly makes us brave. 🙂

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  3. I’m thankful for your heart that produced those words! I recognize a lot of what’s been stirring within my spirit lately and trying to understand it all! We can learn so much about our Father through His dealings with others! Thanks Cindy for your willingness!!

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