So Much Better Your Way


Everything is better Your way, Jesus
Your ways are always perfect
You are always consistent
Always present
Always filled with love and compassion
Even when my heart tries to plan its own way
You direct my steps
Even when I disconnect from my truest self
You never do
You never lose sight of me
It’s so much better Your way
So much better with You
So much better to be Yours
So much better to trust
…to let go
…to lean
…to hope
…to believe
And let You be the defender of my heart
I’ve never regretted a single day of trusting You, Lord
Not one
Everything is so much better Your way

“All I did was praise
All I did was worship
All I did was bow down
All I did was stay still
Hallelujah, You have saved me
So much better Your way
Hallelujah, Great Defender
So much better Your way”

All I did was believe
I believe it’s so much better Your way

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