From His Heart to Yours: 10/1/2013

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”

“Come” he said. 

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. Matt. 14:28-29

I see you watching the waves and wondering … do I dare? Do I dare to risk it all? Again? I see the fear and trembling in your heart. I see you counting the cost. But I also see something else. I see faith – and it pleases Me. I know it’s frightening, but I also know that you already know what to do. Even more, I know you’ve already made your choice. Put your hand in mine, gaze steadfastly into My eyes – and take a leap of faith. Step out onto the waves. Don’t look back upon past failures and don’t look down upon your own inadequacy – look ahead. Look at Me. Walk with Me into the realm of the impossible becoming possible. You were created for more than the ordinary. You are My workmanship and I fashioned you to be extraordinary. New adventures await you, little one. I know you thought you may have missed your chance, but our journey together is just beginning! Don’t put it off a minute longer! If you keep your eyes on Me–I promiseyou’ll do more than walk on water. Together, we’ll dance upon the waves. 


It’s hard to risk. Especially when you’ve taken a few substantial leaps of faith and things didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped! It’s easy to back down; to look for an easier path. It’s natural to want to be self-protective. But when you truly spend time with the supernatural Creator of the Universe, it becomes pretty hard to settle for what is merely natural. When you gaze into eyes of fire, they draw you in. Just one glimpse into those eyes and all of a sudden, the impossible seems possible … again. When your eyes are on Him, it’s much easier to forget about your failures and your inadequacies because you realize His grace and strength are wholly sufficient for every need. So go ahead take His hand – gaze steadfastly into those beautiful eyes  and take a leap of faith. Again.

Lord, thank You for the grace to step out in faith … again. And thank You for the faith to believe I really will learn to dance on the waves with You!


“Love Letters” are simple messages from His heart to yours, posted at the beginning of each month. To read others, click here.

8 thoughts on “From His Heart to Yours: 10/1/2013

  1. For a group of people who have have almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing God, Christians are a timid folk sometimes. Simply lack of faith. If it were not that, we would believe when Jesus said, “With God, all things are possible.” Wonderful post. Sandy


  2. “It’s hard to risk. Especially when you’ve taken a few substantial leaps of faith and things didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped! It’s easy to back down; to look for an easier path.”

    Great words of encouragement and wisdom here. I like how you put this in its proper perspective. What it reminds me of is that Jesus saw something in Peter, even when he failed. And we see what Jesus saw in Peter bear fruit in the book of Acts! And like Peter, we’re the “joy set before Him” too! There’s breakthrough after momentary set-backs if we will just keep at it and trust Him. Blessings!


      1. You’re welcome. We’re all learning how to walk on water together. And our instructor, Jesus, always seems to have a lot more faith in us than we have in ourselves. 🙂


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