Uniquely His

There is a unique beauty to you and Me There is a unique sound to our song There is a unique cadence to our dance There is a unique fragrance to our love Our love is like no other I don’t love anyone exactly the way I love you Our love is unique Our relationship … More Uniquely His


There is something just a little magical about the unfolding beauty that comes with the change of seasons. There’s something slightly intoxicating about a deliciously sweet breeze blowing gently through the trees and into my open windows. There’s something incredibly enticing about mercifully mild temperatures that require no artificial heating or cooling. There’s something undeniably … More Perfection

Beautiful One

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of ugliness in this world. It’s not hard to spot. Darkness lurks all around us, all the time. Hiding in the shadows–ready to pounce; ready to devour; ready to enshroud and ensnare souls with hopelessness. It would be easy to become overwhelmed by the darkness; by the ugliness.  But … More Beautiful One