The Dandelion Wishes House

My friends, Mike and Lesley Glenn, are establishing an orphanage in India though their nonprofit, Dandelion Wishes. I’m reblogging their post on the project so you can catch the vision and support them through prayer, by buying Mike’s book “An Angel’s Point of View” or a super cute “Brave, Not Broken” shirt on Etsy, or by giving directly to the project (or maybe even all of the above 🙂 ). I know their hearts and character and I know that anyone who partners with them in any way will be sowing into rich and good soil! Blessings~

Miraculous Life

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Mike: Even those of us who were raised by a good parent or parents have issues with feeling like an orphan or what many call the orphan spirit. It is that deep level feeling of being unwanted, rejected and uncared for. Many of us have been or are angry about some type of abandonment and the orphan spirit makes us fight on our own for what we believe we deserve and because we don’t believe anyone (including God) will fight for us. The orphan hasn’t experienced a benevolent Father’s supply so they take from others and make it happen for themselves.

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Now imagine having been literally left alone on the street to fend for yourself from a very young age and how that would imprint the orphan spirit on you. Having to steal and beg and avoid traffickers and others that meant you harm. I personally met, hugged and held…

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