Worthy of it All?

Jesus, You’re worthy of it all You’re worthy of the journey You’re worthy of every step… -Whether in faith or fear -In clarity or confusion -In plenty or in lack -In fullness or, even, in nothingness It’s easy to say He is worthy of your best, but is He worthy of the struggle? It’s easy … More Worthy of it All?


“What we do in life, echos through eternity.”   —Maximus (from The Gladiator)   Sometimes I need to remind myself … This isn’t all there is. Don’t get me wrong, there is much to apprehend here and now. I want to press on to lay hold of the things for which Christ has laid hold of me. … More Eternity

Simple Faith?

I’m confronted every time I log into my own blog. It’s right there at the top–a declaration of the blog’s purpose … Simple Faith:  Living life and loving Jesus in the beauty of simplicity. It sounds good. And, in fact, it is good … When it’s true. But often it isn’t. While that craving for simplicity is … More Simple Faith?

Love Loves to Love

“Love loves to love. And the reward of love is love …” I’ve heard Misty Edwards sing these words many times from the prayer room at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City,  but today they are personal. Many years ago, not long after I had given my heart to Jesus, I had an experience that marked my life.  … More Love Loves to Love

I Will Return

Return. I’ve been hearing the word over and over again. Not just from the Lord to me–but Jesus calling out to his bride … Return. The word is relevant to all of us. Whether you’ve taken a tiny step away from his presence  by giving in to a momentary distraction, or if you’ve been running fast … More I Will Return