Christ in Me

I’ve been so aware lately of my many deficiencies. I have an ongoing joke with the Lord that I pretty much suck at life. While certain spiritual realities come easily to me–I guess you could say they are supernaturally natural–a lot of “normal” life stuff that seems like it should be a whole lot easier … More Christ in Me

The Arising (Orginally published as “The Misunderstood Mystics”)

A call to Creatives and Contemplatives in this hour: Misunderstood misfits Melancholy feelers Merciful, tender, abstract souls The ones who feel deeply And love fiercely They long for peace and connection Yet their very presence troubles those Who live in a land of practical plans And linear lines They think with their hearts And not their … More The Arising (Orginally published as “The Misunderstood Mystics”)

Just As I Am

“Just as I am – without one plea, But that Thy  blood was shed for me, And that Thou bidst me come to Thee, -Oh Lamb of God, I come.” Just as I am Yet still… Just as I AM Completely me- Flawed, broken, imperfect Yet complete in You- Perfect, healed, whole How can this … More Just As I Am

Love Never Fails

“Lord, I’m such a failure!”  I had already spent way too long listing everything that was wrong with me and everything that was wrong in my life,  when I tearfully blurted out the words. I wasn’t expecting a response from Jesus, but I got one anyway. Really, in whose eyes? I was a bit startled.  I stammered a reply, … More Love Never Fails