For a very long time, I have believed without seeing many of the things I have believed. In fact, despite persevering through the years in praying, declaring, waiting, resting, standing, and basically doing everything I know to do to partner with God’s promises, often I have seen quite the opposite. But even when I couldn’t … More Knowing

Christ in Me

I’ve been so aware lately of my many deficiencies. I have an ongoing joke with the Lord that I pretty much suck at life. While certain spiritual realities come easily to me–I guess you could say they are supernaturally natural–a lot of “normal” life stuff that seems like it should be a whole lot easier … More Christ in Me

Time to Choose a Door?

It’s time to choose a door, beloved. What? How could this be? After years of waiting, I had finally stepped through the door —the door–he had long been promising to open for me. But I heard him again. This time the Voice was unmistakable. It’s time to choose a door, beloved. This other-worldly place I had just entered … More Time to Choose a Door?

I Will Not Be Silent

I have something to say. Not everyone will like it. And it’s not for everyone. Sometimes I don’t want to say it. Hell definitely doesn’t want me to say it. But I do have something to say. It’s cost a lot … Many a tear stained carpet. Many sleepless nights spent wrestling. Then surrendering. Then wrestling … More I Will Not Be Silent

Wretch or Wonder?

A holy hush settled over the entire room. The soft and tender tones of women singing out their sincere love and longing for Jesus filled the atmosphere. It was a taste–just a tiny taste–of heaven on earth. Then it happened. (Oh why does it always happen?) “If you’re struggling with SIN don’t let anything keep you from Jesus. … More Wretch or Wonder?

Monday Morning Musings: Conformed to His Image

“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son.” –Romans 8:29 I love Romans 8:28. I mean, I really love Romans 8:28. Sometimes I need to open my Bible just to reassure myself that it is still there. It has to be one of the most encouraging promises in all of Scripture. “And … More Monday Morning Musings: Conformed to His Image


Cindy’s note: I am going back to–hopefully–publishing a new post each Monday (or Sunday night). That gives me the whole weekend to try to find time to write!  However, I may still post some other random stuff here and there as time (and inspiration) allows. This poem is one of those “random” things I’ve never … More I AM

Happy Endings

This started out as a very different post.  I noticed that my recent  writing “style” had been leaning a particular way.   It’s not  that I necessarily liked it or disliked it–I just wanted to write something different. I wanted to write something different because sometimes when I look at my own blog … when I see the lovely tranquil header … More Happy Endings

A Time to Stand …

There is a time to stand. When the battle over your identity–and destiny–is raging.  When you’ve done everything you know how to do, and prayed every prayer you know how to pray, yet you’re still hard-pressed on every side. When you’ve  pressed in and pressed on to “lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has laid hold of … More A Time to Stand …

Love Never Fails

“Lord, I’m such a failure!”  I had already spent way too long listing everything that was wrong with me and everything that was wrong in my life,  when I tearfully blurted out the words. I wasn’t expecting a response from Jesus, but I got one anyway. Really, in whose eyes? I was a bit startled.  I stammered a reply, … More Love Never Fails