Cindy’s note: I am going back to–hopefully–publishing a new post each Monday (or Sunday night). That gives me the whole weekend to try to find time to write!  However, I may still post some other random stuff here and there as time (and inspiration) allows. This poem is one of those “random” things I’ve never posted:


I AM that I AM

I AM Love and I AM Life

I AM Hope and I AM Peace

I AM Provision, Protection, and Preparation

I AM your Counselor, your Comforter, and your Creator

I AM the Light of the World–you will never dwell in darkness

I AM the Truth–all wisdom and revelation are hidden within My Being

I AM merciful, gracious, and good–abounding in love toward all I have made

I AM the Everlasting Father, the Lord of lords, and the King of kings

I AM with you and I AM for you

I AM all you need

Because You are I AM, I am …


I am loved and I am alive

I am filled with hope and peace

I am provided for, I am protected, and I am prepared

I am counseled and I am comforted–I am Your prized creation

I am a child of the light–the darkness will never again surround me

I am walking in truth and discovering the glorious mysteries of Your Being

I am immersed in mercy, grace, and goodness–Your love abounds to me

I am Your child forever–You are my Lord and You are my King

I am accepted and I am never alone

I am I AM’s

And He is all I need

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