Uniquely His

img_6112There is a unique beauty to you and Me
There is a unique sound to our song
There is a unique cadence to our dance
There is a unique fragrance to our love

Our love is like no other
I don’t love anyone exactly the way I love you
Our love is unique
Our relationship is unique
Though I love all
Only you can be you
Only I can be Me
And together
We release
A unique
Completely original
Expression of love upon the earth

God loves the unique beauty of YOU!

6 thoughts on “Uniquely His

  1. Awesome poem, Cindy. It reminds me of when Misty Edwards came out with the song, “Favorite One.” Years before, I would’ve called this prideful boasting (I’m His favorite!”), but when it came out it my identity song! Like John calling himself the “the disciple that Jesus loved”). I had finally realized, as you said here, that we are ALL uniquely His favorites. While I can only humanly have one favorite, God can have billions! So, John was simply saying “the disciple that Jesus loved” as an identity statement. It’s ours, too! Yay God!


    1. I adore that song. I already knew I was God’s favorite, too, before it came out so I always loved it, but it surprised me how many people were offended by it. Except for the first line (“Jesus, here I am your favorite one”) it is ALL about being after His heart ❤️ So glad we can all be uniquely His favorite (but I still think I’m His MOST favorite 😉)!

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