A Beautiful Distraction

It’s been quite a week. Even today, I have many things to do. There are many chores to be done and many fires yet to put out. There are a zillion calls to make and emails to send. There are things to follow up on and things to look into. There is a list to check off and new lists to make. But I keep getting distracted …

I am distracted by his beauty. 

I’m distracted by peace. I’m distracted by the stillness that is wooing me. I’m distracted by the quiet that is calling me. I’m distracted by the warmth of a beautiful Spring day that is beckoning me to leave my “to do” list — to ignore the myriad of “important” things waiting for me — and to lose myself again in the best thing …


To lose myself in the beauty of his creation — to immerse myself in peace — to bask in the warmth of the sun — to hum along with the chirping of the birds — to gaze up into a stunning azure blue sky and see his smile — to feel the radiance of his love.

And to fall in love with him … again.

So that’s what I’m doing. Right here, right now–I’m making a choice. I’m making a choice today to give in to distraction.

I’m giving in to the amazing “distraction” of his Presence.

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