Just One Glimpse

 Just one glimpse~    of your face Just one glance ~    of your eyes Just one touch ~    of your hand Just one touch from you   And it’ll be okay Everything will be okay   Just one beat ~     of your heart Just one breath~    of your life Just one … More Just One Glimpse

Indignant Faith

I should probably issue a warning right about now. Before you read any further, you need to know this isn’t going to be  a “typical” post for me. I’m feeling pretty feisty and I’m coming out swinging. I’m sick and tired of hell’s schemes on this planet. I’m sick and tired of playing nice. I’m  ruffled and I’m riled. But … More Indignant Faith

Personal Best

We’ve all seen the reports in the sports section. An athlete competes in a race and achieves their “personal best.” It’s not a world record. It’s not usually even a regional record. Sometimes it’s not even a school or meet record–it’s just that particular person’s best effort to date. And because it is that person’s … More Personal Best

But God …

Today I’m feeling weak. That in itself isn’t at all unusual, but today I am feeling unusually weak. Weak in body, weak in my heart, mind, and resolve. But in my weakness, He is strong. Today I don’t feel like I can “keep on keeping on.” I don’t feel like I can get up and … More But God …

Nevertheless …

“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” –Luke 5: 4 Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing … We’re tired. Can’t you see we’ve done everything we know to do? We did our very best. We worked hard. We used our gifts and abilities. We gave it our … More Nevertheless …

The Three Boxes

Once upon a time there were three boxes–small, medium, and large. Each box carried a struggle. It was the same core issue, but the size of the struggle–the height, the width, and especially, the depth–was proportionate to the size of the box. Each box wanted freedom.  Each wanted to be emptied of its struggle and … More The Three Boxes

Learning to Lean

Therefore I am now going to allure her … The invitation was unmistakable. The call to come away with him. He was wooing me. Pursing me. Calling me deeper. Calling me to follow him wherever he led … I will lead her into the wilderness … What? Didn’t I answer the call? Didn’t I leave everything … More Learning to Lean

Words (Don’t Give Up)

Words.  They can be so simple.  And they can be so complex.  They can give life, hope, and inspiration.  They can also bring death, discouragement, and destruction. James says the power of life and death is in the tongue.  I believe it!  (And not just because it’s in the Bible.) I believe it because I’ve lived on both sides … More Words (Don’t Give Up)


“Oh Lord, please, see the ‘yes’ in my heart!” Things hadn’t gone quite the way I’d expected or hoped. I wasn’t sure what God’s plan was anymore, but I was  sure I wanted to be a part of his plan no matter what it looked like. I needed to be sure he knew that. But of course … More Yes

Worth the Wait

Walk with me, beloved. I took his hand and we began walking down a brightly lit corridor.  Almost immediately, I saw a large red door.  This must be it!  The door he promised to open for me! I stood waiting with anticipation.  I just knew that door would open any minute … It didn’t.  I … More Worth the Wait

The Anchor

I felt like the wind got knocked out of me.  A sucker punch right to the gut.  I never saw it coming. “How could this happen, Lord? After all those years of standing in faith?  After so many sleepless nights praying until daybreak? After all the prophetic words?  After all of your promises?  I thought things had … More The Anchor

A Time to Stand …

There is a time to stand. When the battle over your identity–and destiny–is raging.  When you’ve done everything you know how to do, and prayed every prayer you know how to pray, yet you’re still hard-pressed on every side. When you’ve  pressed in and pressed on to “lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has laid hold of … More A Time to Stand …

The Strive Free Zone

It has been quite a week.  Sometimes the reality of living in a restless, fallen world is like that.  Unexpected things have happened that have broken my heart.  Good things that were expected didn’t materialize.  Delays and disappointments have been the norm along with a variety of other perplexing circumstances popping up at exactly the wrong time.  It’s been one of those … More The Strive Free Zone

Taking a Walk

I’ve been attempting to write “something” every week so I’m rushing to get a few thoughts down before this weekend completely slips away.  It’s been a busy week and a lot has happened.  There is no way I can do justice to all that God has been doing and showing me recently in the few brief moments I have … More Taking a Walk