The Anchor

I felt like the wind got knocked out of me.  A sucker punch right to the gut.  I never saw it coming.

“How could this happen, Lord? After all those years of standing in faith?  After so many sleepless nights praying until daybreak? After all the prophetic words?  After all of your promises?  I thought things had finally gotten better!”

My heart dropped like a lead balloon.  Immediately, my faith started to drift.  I felt myself being pulled under–plunged into the dangerous, dark waters of disbelief and despair. How could this be happening … again?  

It was bad.  Really  bad.   Something I never thought I’d see … again.  After waiting and praying for years and finally beginning to see glimpses of breakthrough, it was heartbreaking beyond words to see darkness establish such a deadly grip … again.  The schemes of hell were unleashed with full fury.  The circumstances taunted me–threatening to lure me deep into the sea of hopelessness.  I started to sink …

But then I hit something.  Something hard. Something solid.  Something immoveable.  Something that abruptly stopped my descent.

It was an anchor!  An anchor of hope.

I knew this anchor had been released years ago.  During the years of sleepless nights spent in fervent prayer. During the long years of choosing to believe without seeing. During the years of coming to know him and his faithfulness in a greater way. 

I stopped drifting. Instead of sinking, fresh hope arose in my heart.  Things looked bad, but it wasn’t over.  It’s not over until God says it’s over.  Until then, hope is still alive.  And “hope against hope, in hope, I believe.”

What are you waiting for?  Are you waiting for a prodigal to return?  Are you waiting for restoration?  For healing? For breakthrough? For faith to become sight? For longstanding promises to be fulfilled? Maybe, like me, you are waiting for all of the above and more.  Whatever it is–there is hope.  No matter how bad it looks.  No matter how long it’s been.  There is hope.

What God starts, he will finish. What he says, he will do.  I choose to believe him.  I choose to trust him.  I choose hope.

How about you?

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”  —Heb 6:19

And the anchor is holding.

6 thoughts on “The Anchor

  1. Thank you my friend for this word!!! I know God will be faithful! I am praying for peace and continued fresh hope!!! I’m right here with you!!! Love you!


  2. As always dear sister…your words come directly from the Father’s heart to mine…I am continually amazed by this. He uses you and time spent in His word, and conversations with my adopted mama to speak to me. I JUST spoke to her today about this very subject…even though she and I have had a MAJOR sucker punch to the gut I still have hope that God is working and He will perfect what concerns us! Wow! Thank you thank you. Blessings Kristen


  3. Thank you Cindy,for that encouraging word.Zechariah 9:11,12 As for you also, Because of the blood of your covenant,I will set your prisoners free from the waterless pit .Return to the stronghold. You prisoners of hope,Even today I declare…As you know, I’ve gotten suckerpunched not too long ago.I still feel alittle shakey.Klinging to hope in one hand and nuggets in the other.Thank you Lord, he puts his hand on my chin and lifts up my head.My eyes see Him.And He reminds me,how much He loves me. <


  4. Holy Spirit hit the nail on the head – for real. Thank you for sharing His word of encouragement to strengthen us to stand. I’m grateful for your witness.


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