Sunday IS Coming

f14f5a51-ac13-499a-90dd-5e8f20eca876It’s Friday …but Sunday’s coming.

Years ago, when I first heard these words (and a message built around them), it was powerful and memorable. The truth they represent is powerful and memorable to this day.

This year, more than ever.

Because this year has been a year like no other.

On Friday, all seemed lost.

On Friday, it looked like God’s promises had failed.

On Friday, it seemed like hope itself died … and every dream of a better tomorrow right along with it.

On Friday the hordes of hell celebrated … because they *thought* they won.

But hell doesn’t get to win. Not now, not ever.

Because Jesus already won.

That’s what He was doing on Friday. Winning. Securing OUR victory. Securing our freedom. Securing our eternal hope.

But it sure didn’t look that way at the time.

Instead it looked like loss … defeat … discouragement … devastation …disillusionment.

It looked utterly hopeless.

But it wasn’t.

Just as it isn’t now.

Beloved, it‘s Friday …

But Sunday IS coming.

6 thoughts on “Sunday IS Coming

  1. Yes, it IS! Bless your heart for this loving reminder that just when we think/feel/believe that all is done and lost, HE rose from the dead. For us. All of us! Praise Him who died for us so we can always know that He has won and given us His gift of eternal life. For us. All of us. Amen!

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  2. Cindy, Loved your post today and its message. Mike Huckabee used the whole sermon on his Saturday night program last week.

    By the way, I’ve not had a blog for quite some time. I completely went off because of lots of issues I’ve been going through. Now it seems the Lord might be calling me back to blogging.

    Prayers appreciated as I look for the right template.

    Blessings to you dear sister I’ve yet to meet!!

    Love, Glenda


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  3. It’s me again Cindy. I’ve tried unsuccessfully building/designing a new blog site and wasted a lot of time and effort, and ended up frustrated and giving up. love your website design and wondered if you would mind if I used the same theme you do. If you don’t mind, could you tell me which WP theme you use. If you’d rather I didn’t I will continue to look for another.

    Thanks so much for your input!



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    1. Hi Glenda, good to hear from you! Sorry I didn’t see this right away. While my blog is still intact, I’m not on here often there days. I had to look but the theme I use is called “Gateway.” I set it up a long time ago so I probably can’t offer too many more tips….except to echo what Forerealone said about the classic editor. Not crazy about any of the “improvements” WordPress has added in recent years! I hope you get it sorted—would love to see you posting here again! Blessings ~


  4. Hi Glenda. I use WordPress also. They changed the classic editor and added a “new” type of way to create a post. I found out how to continue to use the classic editor. If you already have a blog and click on your posts, all of your posts should be displayed. Then if you look above, it has a button called “Add New” there is an arrow to the right of that. Click on that and then click on Classic Editor. To me, the old classic editor is MUCH more user friendly to folks like me.


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