The Voyage

Publication5This song has been messing me up. Like really messing me up.

But that’s a good thing.

In fact, I’m seeing a lot of good things lately.  Even though a lot of those good things have initially been disguised as challenges. Challenges that have become opportunities to trust–opportunities to believe.

And that’s always a good thing.

It’s been quite the journey. Or, to use the title of the song by Amanda Cook (link below), it has been quite the voyage.

According to the dictionary, a voyage is a long journey, usually by sea or space.

So walking on water for an extended period of time qualifies as a voyage, right?

The last sixteen months or so of my life have been like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m a bit of a risk-taker by nature–at least in some areas–but as I’ve gotten a little (ahem) older, those BIG leaps have become a LOT scarier. Not only do I understand the potential cost in much more concrete terms, but security (or at least the illusion of it) matters a lot more than it did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s–or even 40’s. And yes, I know my only real security is in Jesus. We all know that.

At least we do until we have to actually live that reality in ways that are extremely uncomfortable and costly.

Yet the “cost” pales compared to the amazing glimpses of His glory I’ve caught along the way.  Not to mention the amazing demonstrations  of His faithfulness. I’ve been waaaay out there on those waves for a while now. So far out that I don’t have a single prayer of getting to the other side apart from a literal miracle (or two or three). Despite that, I’ve been at peace. More often than not, I’ve even been able to enjoy the process.

Because I know Who invited me out onto the waves to begin with. And when I remember that–when I believe that–I’m confident. And, in confident trust, I’ll just keep right on dancing out on those waves.

I haven’t quite reached the other side, but after nearly a year and a half of “unfolding” it’s starting to come into view.  And I’m blown away by His goodness. No, really.  Like an Ephesians 3:20 kind of blown away.  I know He’s good, but sometimes I just can’t believe He’s that good.

Sometimes I can’t believe He’s that good–to me. 

So here I am–standing on the brink of a miracle (or two or three). No longer questioning. No longer doubting (at least for the moment). Just believing Him. And when you finally get to that point,  you realize the real miracle has been occurring all along:

In you.

There’s a lot more to this story. I’ll save it for another day. Today, I just want to give Him praise. Today, I just want to shout of His goodness. Today, I just want to weep with gratitude.

Because He never gave up on me. Even when I did. Even when I buried my dreams, many of my gifts, and even some pieces of myself. He never, ever, gave up. He just kept wooing me deeper into trust. Really, He kept wooing me deeper and deeper into Himself. 

And always–He is with me on the voyage.

Even if your voice is trembling
You’ve been quiet for so long
It’ll be worth the risk you’re taking

You’re afraid,
But you can hear adventure calling
There’s a rush
Of adrenaline to your bones
What you make
Of this moment changes everything

What if the path you choose
Becomes a road
The ground you take
Becomes your home
The wind is high
But the pressure’s off
I’ll send the rain
Wherever we end up
Wherever we end up

Set your sights
Set them far beyond the familiar
In the rising tides
Feel the rhythm of your heart
Lift your head
Now the wind and waves don’t matter

The path you choose
Becomes a road
The ground you take
Becomes your home
The wind is high
But the pressure’s off
I’ll send the rain
Wherever we end up
Wherever we end up

I am the wind in your sails

by Amanda Cook

The wind is high. But the pressure’s off. He’ll send the rain wherever we end up.

I have a feeling “wherever” will be worth the wait.

8 thoughts on “The Voyage

  1. Hi Cindy thanks for Sharing part of your Journey over the Last few months really powerful Song.
    The Adventure with God is always uncertain but its always worthwhile.

    hugs xxx


  2. “Even though a lot of those good things have initially been disguised as challenges. Challenges that have become opportunities to trust–opportunities to believe.”

    Amen and (scary) Amen! 🙂 Awesome testimony, Cindy. When we finally see challenges as opportunities for growth, our whole perspective changes. Growth happens much faster. Not that we rejoice in the challenges themselves, but we learn how to rejoice while in the challenge.

    Btw, I was in a small meeting with Graham Cooke one time and he did a mock phone call with a friend, trying to console him because he didn’t have any problems! (He told him he would share his problem with him until his friend got his own!). It was very funny (as Graham always is) but made this very important point.

    I LOVE this album by Amanda Cook! And I love it when a song so speaks to you at a deep heart level for the season you’re currently in.

    Bon voyage!

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    1. “Amen and (scary) amen.” Ha ha – yes – that is it 🙂 Anyone who doesn’t get the scary part has probably never really taken a leap out of the boat. And I can totally picture Graham doing that mock phone call. I’m sure it was awesome. I still remember one of the simplest things I heard him say years ago was that if your thinking stinks or is getting you down – “Get a better thought!” Something about the simple wisdom of that always stuck with me 😉 Blessings! (And yes, that entire album by Amanda Cook is awesome!)

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  3. Absolutely beautiful, Cindy!
    These days I too find mysel crying tears of gratitude for all He continues to be…and do for me.
    We are abundantly blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies and down here on earth just beyond the veil….in Christ Jesus.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen. He is so so good. This season has been such a wild ride and I know it is only beginning–my faitth has been stretched like never before but always worth it. And you are so right – we are abundantly blessed! Love and hugs to you, Glenda!


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