From His Heart to Yours: May 1, 2017

Just a reminder that the "Be-Loved" series will resume May 15th!

Love Letter“Come, follow me,” Jesus said. – Mark 1:17

Follow Me, beloved. Leave your striving. Leave your need for answers and a carefully crafted plan. Leave behind every lesser pursuit and simply come—come and follow Me.

I see the ache in your heart for a return to simplicity. I know you long to let go of the things that distract you and bring unnecessary complexity to your life. But it’s not so difficult as you sometimes imagine. Each time I call out to you, I always release the grace to respond. All you need to do is listen—and then simply follow.

I love you. I love being with you. I love walking through life with you. I love it when you reach for My hand like a trusting child and simply allow Me to lead.

Follow Me, beloved. Follow as I lead you. Never compare your path to that of another. You, follow Me. Never allow preconceived ideas of how I should be leading you delay your willingness to follow. Follow Me when the way is clear, and follow Me when the path is shrouded in mystery.  Follow Me and do only what you see Me doing.  As you do, I promise to guide you and teach you My ways. I promise to never leave you. I promise to never fail you.

Simply follow Me, beloved, and the simplicity you crave will soon be following you.


I don’t know about you, but my heart craves simplicity. When I read the Gospels and witness how Jesus called His first disciples, my own heart is filled with longing—a longing to simply follow Him. To follow Him with no excuses, no delays, no negotiations, and no agenda. Although they likely had many responsibilities in life, just like us, the disciples heard His voice and accepted His invitation—period.

I can’t help but think our lives would be simpler—maybe much simpler—if we learned to do the same. If we learned to simply follow. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to watch. I’m going to wait. I’m going to listen. And when He calls again (and He always does)—I’m going to simply follow.


Jesus I’m so grateful for the beautiful and simple privilege of following You. I’m so thankful that following You doesn’t need to be complicated. Lord help me listen for Your voice and respond to Your invitation without hesitation. I can trust Your leadership, Lord, so I choose to follow. I choose to simply follow all the days of my life. ~Amen.


LLCover finalbb


This is an excerpt from my recently released devotional, Love Letters: From His Heart to Yours,  (available on Amazon), which I have just updated with a pretty new cover (I was never happy with the original). For other samples click here.

4 thoughts on “From His Heart to Yours: May 1, 2017

  1. Thank you Cindy for sharing these thoughts. I so identify in the desire to simply follow Jesus. There’s no greater joy on this side of heaven. One day what we now see through the thin veil, will be wonderfully manifested!
    Congrats on your new devo book and updated cover! Beautiful!


  2. So good, Cindy. I have a friend who says the reason we don’t fully surrender is because we still have something to protect. That is SO scary true! As much as I like to think I’m fully surrendered, I can still come up with LOTS of excuses why I shouldn’t follow God in areas where I lack confidence. But then, whenever I do “step out of the boat,” I find out I didn’t die and my trust grows. 🙂


    1. Isn’t that the truth! We don’t ever really see what we’re still “protecting” until it is threatened. But I’m with you – never ever regretted it when I decided to get out of the boat and simply follow! Blessings to you, Mel 😊


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