Love Letters: From His Heart to Yours – new 30 day devotional available on Amazon!

LLCover finalbbI love hearing the voice of God.  His is the most tender, merciful, and encouraging voice I’ve ever known.

I believe anyone is able to hear God for themselves, but not everyone is confident in that fact. Since I am blessed to be able to lean in and hear the sweet words of love God always has in His heart for us, some time ago it occurred to me to start sharing some of these words with others via my blog. Over the last few years  I have posted these little “Love Letters” periodically, but recently I felt prompted to compile the ones already shared, along with several recently written new ones,  and publish them as a devotional book. The result is Love Letters: From His Heart to Yours now available on Amazon.

The book contains 30 short devotions geared toward anyone who wants to slow down for a moment and connect with the heart of God. It may be especially encouraging for those who struggle with accepting the depth of God’s love for them. If you know someone who might be blessed by it, I would be grateful if you are willing to forward the link. (For samples check out the category “Love Letters” on my blog.)

As of right now, it is only available in paperback. There have been some formatting issues with the Kindle version, but hopefully I can get them squared away and have it available soon!

May you connect ever more deeply to the great love He is always longing to share from His heart…to yours.


4 thoughts on “Love Letters: From His Heart to Yours – new 30 day devotional available on Amazon!

    1. Thanks Mel! Pray I actually get the kindle version figured out 😬 I don’t want to release it if it doesn’t look good, but I also don’t want to pay CreateSpace for help (not at this point anyway). I’ll keep you posted!

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      1. I hope it’s not too hard. I had to strip out some things when I converted my book to Kindle, but it’s doable. If you need help, contact me offline. 🙂


        1. Thanks. I hope to set aside some time to take another crack it next week. The formatting in the hard copy is kind of fancy 😊 I was going to try to strip it down and see how that translates. If I don’t get anywhere, I just may take you up on that offer!

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