In Your Eyes

Art by Aeron Brown

In Your eyes
I see the love that died for me
A burning passion that never has
and never will
Piercing my soul and bringing light
to the darkest corners of my heart
Love that burns through me
Mercy that holds me
Joy that fills me
Lost forever in unending pools of life
In Your eyes
I see light that shines brighter than the noonday sun in a cloudless sky
Brighter than the most dazzling of stars on a moonlit night
The brightest galaxy is only a dim reflection of the marvelous light
In Your eyes
I’m loved
I’m cherished
I’m adored
Marked forever as Yours
Held by Your unrelenting gaze
My heart branded by the fire of Your jealous jealousy
Ruined for all lesser loves
Each and every time
I find myself again
In Your eyes


I’m loving the opportunity to collaborate on a number of projects with my good friend, artist Aeron Brown. In addition to the Spontaneous Devotions, Aeron has graciously allowed me to use his art in other types of posts. This is a poem I wrote some time back that I combined with a painting Aeron did fairly recently. I came into his gallery while he was working on this particular painting and was immediately captivated by the eyes (he calls it “Eyes of the Heart”). Looking at those eyes, I thought of this poem.  

In addition to the various blogs, we are also working on a children’s book and some other fun projects. To top it off, I also plan to release another book by March or so of next year (with Aeron’s art on the cover, of course) tentatively titled “Journal of a Misunderstood Mystic” – this poem is likely to be included. Lots of great creative stuff brewing during this season so stay tuned! 

Speaking of seasons, in this wondrous time of Advent – I pray you will take the time to slow down for a moment  to remember the stunning reality of the incarnation. Remember to look up and gaze into the eyes of the One who came for YOU. Remember the wonder of simplying being His. It’s why He came. 


4 thoughts on “In Your Eyes

  1. Love the poem and the Lion!

    The children’s book sounds great. Blessings on that project.

    Btw, I couldn’t post any comments on anyone else’s blog for several days. Don’t know why but I got the Akismet people to straighten it out. (That’s why my comment is so late.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments, Mel – whenever they may come😊 I’ve had some weird issues with WP myself in the past – glad you got it worked out! And yes, I’m really excited especially about the children’s book – hoping to get that out sooner rather than later. Blessings to you!


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