In Your Eyes

In Your eyes I see the love that died for me A burning passion that never has and never will fade Piercing my soul and bringing light to the darkest corners of my heart Love that burns through me Mercy that holds me Joy that fills me Lost forever in unending pools of life In … More In Your Eyes


  Beloved… What if that is who you really are? The beloved of the Beloved Adored Cherished Delighted in Beloved … What if you simply allowed yourself to be loved? Loved by the greatest Lover of all Chosen Desired Accepted as you are Beloved … What if you chose to live from love? Living from … More Beloved

Forever Bound

I’m a prisoner of hope I’m captive to grace I’m bound by the strong cords of love Yet I’m free I’m gloriously Wonderfully Marvelously Amazingly Free To be Everything He created me to be In hope In grace In love Because I’m madly Passionately Head-over-heels In love With the One Who first loved me May … More Forever Bound


I was looking for something specific in one of my old journals today and I ran across this quickly scribbled poem that I felt stirred to post. Could have tried to spiff it up a bit, but left it “as is” instead  … Movement Sitting with you Gazing into eyes of fire How can I … More Movement