The Arising (Orginally published as “The Misunderstood Mystics”)

A call to Creatives and Contemplatives in this hour:

img_4933-1Misunderstood misfits
Melancholy feelers
Merciful, tender, abstract souls
The ones who feel deeply
And love fiercely
They long for peace and connection
Yet their very presence troubles those
Who live in a land of practical plans
And linear lines
They think with their hearts
And not their heads
They walk a path of ever unfolding awe
Few believe exists
These are the ones who see what can’t be seen
And hear what can’t be heard
They’re able to reach out and touch…

Whispers of wonder continually draw them
Deeper into the unknown
The intangible and the unexplainable
Are so very familiar and real
But what seems concrete to others
Remains an enigma
And oh so difficult to grasp
More at home in ethereal realms
Than in a world made of clay
Prayer is easy
Life is hard
But eternal life is fluid, real
And delightfully glorious

His presence is their bread
Their water
The very air they breathe
Communion with Him
The one thing they desire
The one thing they seek
The one thing they crave
Far above life itself

Mystery is embraced
Absolutes are rejected
Except for Him
He is always their central certainty
He is their reality
He is the Truth
The Life
And the Way
In His arms, they are home
In His presence, they belong

These are the mystics
The dreamers
The poets and the minstrels
The artists and the creators
The contemplatives
The ones who were born to simply be
The ones who were born to simply be with Him
Mary of Bethany
John the Beloved
David the dancing King


Maybe you?

This world is not your home
You’ve always known it
What others strive after
Has little appeal
But hear this –
Know this –
You are wanted
You are needed
You fit
Just as you are
You were divinely created
And divinely placed
Right here, right now
For such a time as this
Your presence shifts atmospheres
Your sensitivity reveals
The sweetness of His presence
And the beauty of His peace

Arise and shine beloved ones
For your light has come
Your time has come
Come into the light hidden ones
Forgotten ones
Misunderstood mystics
Contemplative creatives
It’s time to burn
It’s time to shine
Ever more brightly
For the glory of our King

29 thoughts on “The Arising (Orginally published as “The Misunderstood Mystics”)

  1. Love the poem and artwork. Amen and amen! We were created to be people of the heart!

    Our Western theology doesn’t produce many mystics because we’ve invented a stainless-steel, transcendent, unapproachable “god” that’s separate from us and, frankly, no one would want to be cozy with (If He’s actually like that!). Although, this view is rapidly changing in the Body of Christ. 🙂

    Ironically, God meant us to be like little children, living from the heart to the head, full of passion and fully alive in His embrace. While our mind is good for crunching numbers, analysis, and arguing about God, it’s not so good at knowing the love that goes beyond our mental knowing! (Eph. 3:19) Only our heart has the capacity to experience God in a way that defies explanation. Yay God!

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    1. “Although, this view is rapidly changing in the Body of Christ.” – Amen, please Lord, let it be so! I do see a shift coming …. Really, I kinda view that shift as my reason for breathing. I am wired in such a way that the unseen has always been more real to me than what is seen, but I know that is not the case for most. Since I was born a heart over head person, it has been an extremely rough road trying to find a place I fit in the western church. But I fit in Him and the really good news is–we all do 🙂 Helping others–even those stuck in a linear world where everything has to make sense–find and experience His heart is my assignment. Thanks, as always, for your encouragement, Mel.

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  2. This was so timely and exactly who am I and where I am right now. Greetings across the waves from Australia.thank you.xx


  3. Oye!;

    Did this ever connect with something deep within my reactor core?!

    Have been struggling for years, and more painfully lately now that the sunset of my time on this planet seems to be closing in, like a theatrical finale’, inexorably down before me with so much left undone… unaccomplished.. unrequited.

    Such success as I have struggled to achieve has always been fleeting, while the inevitable dream-crushing failure and frustration that follows seems to be about the only thing that tenaciously, consistently persists.

    Getting along and fitting in have always eluded my grasp, to the point where I really don’t consider them to even be viable options any more.

    For years I have secretly envied others who have died too young, wishing that I could have traded places with them; most of them had so much to live for, left precious loves behind – plans and dreams torn cruelly from their broken hands and hearts…while I continue to offend and alienate.

    How often I have come from the Physician, disappointed that he did not diagnose me with cancer or some other terminal disorder so that I could look forward to getting it over with?

    As a half -arsed excuse for a follower of the Master, Yeshua HaMoshiach (that’s “Jesus Christ” to normal people) suicide is not an option…
    …But standing up for the Truth in the face of persecution leading to martyrdom has been an attractive option, and should that grim diagnosis ever come, don’t hold your breath waiting for me at the X-ray / chemo clinic.

    The only reason I can figure for there still being wind in these lungs and a pulse in this dilapidated carcass is that YHVH might still have something up His holy sleeve for me yet… just wish I could puzzle out what it might be?

    About the only part of this lovely poem that I have a hard time identifying with are the affirmations towards the end.

    Cognitively I know that YHVH (that’s “God” for normal folks) has uttered these consoling sentiments in His Word as well… but why can’t I simply pick these sacred promises up and plug them into this jaded, embittered old heart?

    Hope and pray that you can pull it off a lot better than I ever have.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. There have been times I have wondered why there was still “wind in my lungs” but have always come to the conclusion that as long as I have breath, it must be His good pleasure. And if it gives Him pleasure, I will thank Him and make my make my trust an offering–even when I didn’t see the “why.” Not that I do this perfectly or always, but learning to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking daily with Him. I am believing the declarations at the end WILL resonate in your life – even if you don’t currently identify with them. He is still the God of hope 🙂


  4. During the 15th Century, the Spanish Inquisition punished people who had otherworldly experiences with God. Anyone who was a healer or had intuitive knowing of God was burned at the stake. According the church, the only way a person could hear the word of God was through a priest or minister. Today the term “mystic” is associated with the occult, magic, astrology and tarot readings. I want to educate people to know that the mystical is not dark magic nor should you be ostracized.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Grace. I actually wondered if I would get any “push back” for using the word “mystic” as I know many in the Church associate it negatively as you’ve indicated. But the negative feedback was minimal and the positive feedback strong so I hope that means we are breaking out of our boxes a bit and not letting hell steal all the good words 😊 I have always felt that those with a more mystical bent within the church ARE often misunderstood and definitely not pastored or mentored well. I was so blessed to hear from a lot of people who were encouraged by the post (particularly on FB) and I’m grateful it gave some of them language for what they’d been feeling. I’m glad this is something you are standing up for as well and I look forward to checking out your site soon!


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