Beloved… What if that is who you really are? The beloved of the Beloved Adored Cherished Delighted in Beloved … What if you simply allowed yourself to be loved? Loved by the greatest Lover of all Chosen Desired Accepted as you are Beloved … What if you chose to live from love? Living from … More Beloved

Until I Know

As I’ve already shared, I’ve committed to posting a couple times a month over on the Live Brave blog. My first post over there was this short poem. I like to get my head around things in simple terms and I wrote that first poem to do just that. I wanted to answer the question … More Until I Know

Getting It

“Lord, I just don’t get it!”  It had been a bad week. A really bad week. There had been challenging circumstances, to be sure, but honestly it wasn’t that kind of bad week. It was a bad week between my ears. It was a bad week in my thoughts.  It was a bad week in my … More Getting It