Hope Lives Here

Hope lives here. That’s what it says on the wall of the prayer room we recently opened in Redlands. Actually, the walls say a lot of things, but that’s what jumped out at me when I came in today. Hope lives here. Hope lives in this space. Hope lives in this place; in this room. … More Hope Lives Here


Unfolding. I just love this word. Even the sound of it seems to unfold and flow off my tongue… U.n.f.o.l.d.i.n.g.  Unfolding. Unveiling. Revealing… One.Tiny.Step.At.A.Time. Life is a process. Change is a process. Transition is a process. And the unfolding can be a beautiful part of the process. It can be exciting. The mystery of it can fill me … More Unfolding

The Sacred Dance

You stretch out Your hand The invitation clear I step out onto the waves and into the dance I lean in close My head upon Your chest And gently You lead me without a word I have no answers I don’t see the way But as I move with You my heart is at rest … More The Sacred Dance

Thoughts on Thorns

So, apparently Paul had this “thorn in the flesh” … We don’t know what it was. Some people have tried to speculate, but Scripture doesn’t say. I figure if the Holy Spirit wanted us to know, he would have recorded it. He didn’t. That in itself says something to me. Although I’m sure the specifics were really … More Thoughts on Thorns

What If?

What if? It’s a question we’ve all asked. It’s a question that taunts and torments many in the dark of night … What if it doesn’t work out? What if the unthinkable happens? What if I don’t get that job? What if my marriage doesn’t survive? What if we lose the house? What if the … More What If?

The Strive Free Zone

It has been quite a week.  Sometimes the reality of living in a restless, fallen world is like that.  Unexpected things have happened that have broken my heart.  Good things that were expected didn’t materialize.  Delays and disappointments have been the norm along with a variety of other perplexing circumstances popping up at exactly the wrong time.  It’s been one of those … More The Strive Free Zone