Monday Morning Musings – The Reboot (with Audio)

11823733_10207143436606293_496432396_nEver feel like you’re going in circles?

I have…often! But the Lord gave me a picture recently that made me think maybe that isn’t always such a bad thing.

I saw myself taking a big loop around a particular issue. When I got back to what seemed to be where I originally started, I started the loop again–but there was a difference. This time, the circle was a bit smaller. This repeated several times until the successively smaller circles became like a funnel–it started out broad but became increasingly narrower and more focused with each trip “round the bend.”

That encouraged me!

It encouraged me because after more than a few trips round the bend mulling over several different possibilities ministry wise, along with various “themes” that keep coming up in my life, I feel like something has finally begun to shift into focus. It is something completely new (for me), mixed in with something old.

A few years back, I posted a devotion every Monday morning called “Monday Morning Musings.” The idea was to set the tone for the week by starting out focused on God and His word. Recently I’ve felt His prompting to not only re-launch the weekly written devotions but to add a new twist – a weekly podcast. The podcast swill be relatively short–maybe 10-12 minutes–and will cover the same general topic as the devotion for that week. However, with the two different mediums, a bit of the content will overlap and some of it will be unique to each source.

My heart in both the written devotions and the podcast is simple–I want to release as much of His heart as I can, to as many people as I can, through whatever means I can. Different people prefer different types of media. Some may never read a blog, but those same people just might have ten minutes to listen to an encouraging word to start off their week.

I’m still working out the bugs and trying to find my own unique rhythm in the wonderful world of podcasts. This is a definitely work in progress. I’m honestly not sure how far I’ll go with it, nor do I know if this will be a short-term or long-term thing–but as long as God is in it, I’ll keep at it. The perfectionist in me would much prefer to wait until I have things sorted out and polished up a bit before stepping out of the boat.  But … I don’t think that’s what Jesus wants, so here I am. I may only be dipping my toe into the water at this point, but at least I am doing that!

So look for a new devotion and a new podcast each Monday. I’ll include the link to the actual podcast hosting site (so if you open on a device with a podcast app you should be able to subscribe) as well as a link to duplicated content on SoundCloud in case that works better for you. A link to the RSS feed is also in the sidebar (is that enough ways to find it? 🙂 ) I’ve posted links to the introductory episode below.

You may have noticed that this blog/website has gone through a new/old metamorphosis too. I’ve gone back to the old name (Simple Faith), but with a completely revamped format and some new content. I won’t even bother trying to explain the details on that transition, let’s just say it was another result of those circles getting smaller and  more focused. As for the different pages and such, I felt like the Lord just wanted me to put it all out there–not sure where it will all land or what will stick in this season, but I have great expectancy that He is up to something good!

If you are encouraged by the devotions and/or the podcast–or if you know someone who might be–it would be awesome if you can help me spread the word. I have also set up a new Facebook page for Monday Morning Musings. If you’re a FB person, I’d be grateful if you click on the link and “like” the page (I’m not a big Facebook lover so that is another stretching point for me–I need all the help I can get!).

I’m honestly not sure if that funnel has gotten to its narrowest and most focused point yet. But it really doesn’t matter. All I need to do is step out with what I do know.  And what I do know is that there is a season for every purpose under heaven. Right now this seems to be a season for launching out. So that’s what I’m doing … in an old familiar boat with a brand new motor!

I’m hoping you’ll join me for the ride.

Here is the podcast link: Monday Morning Musings Introduction

Here is the SoundCloud link:

10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings – The Reboot (with Audio)

  1. Great new look and podcast! Love your goals and format. I’m pumped after listening. 🙂 Thanks for being such an encouragement to us, Cindy. It’s so important to keep our heart tender before the Lord and you do a wonderful job helping us to do just that! Blessings to you.


  2. Yay! Now I get to hear your voice! Thank you for releasing His heart, confirming prophetically His word to me/us. Praise God we get to pray together again! Amen!

    I was just talking about you this morning to a friend on our way up to Applegate Christian Fellowship (God bless Jon Corsen) for early morning worship. As you trust Him may He continue to give you the desires of your heart.


  3. Finally had a chance to listen (Why? Because I am exhausted and needed this!) and what a TERRIFIC gift to hear your voice sharing and praying. Will be listening to more today! Love you MUCH!


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