A Prayer of Thanksgiving

60 Things To Be Thankful For In Life

How can I even begin, Lord? How can I even begin to thank You? How can I even begin to thank You for who You are and for all You’ve done for me?

How can I even begin to  thank You for life? For love? For peace? For hope?

How can I express what’s in my heart? How can I explain how time in Your Presence has changed me–transformed me? How can I convey what You’ve done on the inside of me? How can I possibly communicate how You’ve completely rewired my thinking. How I’ve been conformed, just a little bit, to Your image? (Well, it’s a work in progress anyway.)

I’m not who I used to be Lord. I’m a new creation in You–yet more fully and uniquely me than ever before. How do You do that? How do You turn weakness to strength? Brokenness to wholeness? Mourning to joy?

What did You do, Lord? What did You do to me? What did You do to me all those years ago when I said yes? How did You flip that switch inside of me? How did You bring me from death to life? 

I don’t guess I’ll ever know. But I don’t need to. I don’t need to figure it out because I’d probably never understand it anyway. I just need to believe. And I do. I just believe. I just believe You. And I’ve never, ever been sorry I’ve chosen to believe. Never. Ever.

So here I am, Lord–filled with thanksgiving. Filled with gratitude. Filled with love. If I spent every single moment of every single day for the rest of my life trying to thank You for what You’ve done for me, it would never even begin to be enough.There aren’t enough words. There isn’t enough emotion. There aren’t enough forms of expression and there aren’t enough ways to show You.

So instead I’ll just be. I’ll just be here with You. I’ll just be here with You and rest my head on Your chest. I’ll just be here with You and let You hold my hand. I’ll just be here with You and gaze into Your eyes. And as I do, I’m even more thankful …

I’m thankful to know those simple acts of love and gratitude are all You’ve ever really wanted from me. 

Thank You for loving me first, Lord. With every breath  — now, always and forever — I choose to love You back.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. Its so true. The list of reasons to be thankful to the Lord are endless aren’t they Cindy? Learning to love the One who first loved us is a life long journey. So grateful He’s walking with us throughout our days.


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