Just Musing

Just musing this morning. No official “Monday Morning Musings.” No podcast. No series. No particular format or pre-planned content. Just my heart – reflecting – pondering – considering – a variety of things. Things like: His great faithfulness. Years ago, Jesus told me He didn’t mind proving His faithfulness to me. He has–over and over again. … More Just Musing

Landing in Hope

Note: I wrote this yesterday when I was feeling a lot more grumpy than I am today. God did such a good job cheering me up, I almost didn’t want to post it … but I’m thinking maybe someone out there may need the reminder … just like I did. Okay, true confession time. I’ve been feeling … More Landing in Hope


I’ll never know how much it cost, to see my sin upon that cross …     As I gently sing the familiar words, my heart is stirred. Tears well up and begin to flow freely.  A wave of gratitude sweeps over me,  and I remember … I remember the cross. I remember that I’m saved by … More Remembering

Thank You

My brain is on spin cycle. The Holy Spirit has been pouring in so much; doing so much. In my mind, there are a zillion sound bites clamoring for airplay. They are competing with half a dozen opening lines of posts that are mentally “in process.” Floating in between it all–mental snapshots of so many amazing and miraculous … More Thank You