Monday Morning Musings: He Knows Me

You have searched me , Lord, and you know me. —
Psalm 139:1 

I have the blessed privilege of spending my life on earth–and throughout eternity–getting to know the heart of God.  But as amazing as that is, sometimes it is good to remember …

He already knows me.

He knows when I sit and He knows when I rise.  He knows my thoughts from afar.  He knows when I’m doing well and he knows when I’m not.  He knows my strengths and he knows my weaknesses.  He knows my victories and he knows my failures. He knows what causes me to draw near and he knows what causes me to pull back. He knows my needs and he knows my desires. He knows how I see myself, how others see me, and most importantly–he knows exactly how he sees me.

He knows exactly who I was created to be. 

I can’t hide anything from him and I don’t have to explain anything to him.  He knows everything about me.  And, more than anyone else on the planet, he “gets” me.

Jesus knows me. He really, really knows me.  And even though he knows every single thing about me–the good,the bad, and everything in between–he loves me. He loves me personally, profoundly, and passionately–with full and complete knowledge of exactly who I am. What’s more–he likes me! He enjoys my company. He likes to be with me. He has plans and purposes, dreams and desires–all custom designed–just for me.

He knows you too.

And when you think there isn’t another living soul on the planet who “gets you” — who understands–really understands–exactly how you feel, maybe you just need to remember …

He does.

(And he still likes you.)

Thank you, Jesus, for the simple yet profound truth that you–the awesome and glorious King of all creation–KNOW me. You get me. You love me. And nothing will ever change that! 

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings: He Knows Me

  1. This is great Thanks for Posting – Knowing God loves, likes us and gets us He really does understand is helping me right now – Its hard to explain to folks the Journey youve been on through mission. Everyone one has carried on there lives when I been away – But praying I find a few that really understand my heart. I know you do. Thanks for our freindship. Blessings on your week. This friend in Ireland Thinks your great


  2. Cindy,
    Thank you for this great reminder. He knows me…and loves me…far beyond my understanding…and He wants me to know and love Him back with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. He’s even provided the grace and strength for our journey as we continue to get to Know Him and to understand His heart. We love Him, because He first loved us.


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