Just Jesus

My heart is longing …

My heart is aching …

for Jesus.

Just Jesus.

Not stuff. Not revelation. Not answers.

Just Jesus.

Not something great to write. Or something great to say. Not something great to accomplish. Or something great to do.

Just Jesus.

There are things I want. There are things I do want to understand.  Things I do want to say. Things I do want to see. Things I want to do want to accomplish …

But I ache for … I long for …


Just Jesus.

I don’t have this thing figured out. I don’t have a particularly great handle on life. I don’t even feel like I have a grip on my own emotions half the time.

One day I think I know something, the next day I don’t. One day I think things are moving in a particular direction, the next day it all turns around … or grinds to a halt … or evaporates altogether.

And I find myself scratching my head … not sure what to hope for … what to dream about … what to believe …

But it’s okay. 

(No, really, it’s totally okay.)

I’m not giving up.

I’m not giving in.

I’m just refocusing …

Realigning …

Readjusting …

And setting my heart once again …

on Jesus.

Just Jesus.

I may not understand everything, but there are a few things I do understand …

~The grace in his eyes.

~The kindness in his touch.

~The tenderness in his voice.

~The goodness in his heart.

~The beauty of his peace.

And when I find myself at the end of me … at the end of my strength … at the end of my understanding …

I find myself where I really need to be …

In him.

In his arms.

In his presence.

At his feet.

The place I can let go … really let go.

The place where the things that don’t matter … really don’t matter.

The place where … instead of falling to pieces … I fall into peace.

His peace.

The peace I have in Jesus.

Just Jesus.

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