For Just a Moment

We’ve been in the Galilee, actually staying on the Mt of Beatitudes for a time of personal retreat these past few days. By the time this posts, we’ll be on our way to Jerusalem, but in the spirit of “rest”–after having the priceless opportunity to slow down to “be” with Him for just a bit–I … More For Just a Moment

Just Jesus

My heart is longing … My heart is aching … for Jesus. Just Jesus. Not stuff. Not revelation. Not answers. Just Jesus. Not something great to write. Or something great to say. Not something great to accomplish. Or something great to do. Just Jesus. There are things I want. There are things I do want to … More Just Jesus

The Key to His Heart Kindle Version FREE for 48 hours

I’m excited to announce that the Kindle version of the The Key to His Heart will be absolutely FREE for 48 hours beginning 12:01am Saturday, October 20th through midnight Sunday, October 21st!!! Just click this link on the 20th or 21st and start downloading! The book is very devotional in style and, at its simplest … More The Key to His Heart Kindle Version FREE for 48 hours

Learning to Lean

Therefore I am now going to allure her … The invitation was unmistakable. The call to come away with him. He was wooing me. Pursing me. Calling me deeper. Calling me to follow him wherever he led … I will lead her into the wilderness … What? Didn’t I answer the call? Didn’t I leave everything … More Learning to Lean

Getting It

“Lord, I just don’t get it!”  It had been a bad week. A really bad week. There had been challenging circumstances, to be sure, but honestly it wasn’t that kind of bad week. It was a bad week between my ears. It was a bad week in my thoughts.  It was a bad week in my … More Getting It

What I (Really) Need

I don’t need …       —another great sermon or a good book    —a divine appointment or an important connection    —a word of encouragement or exhortation I don’t need to visit  …    —a significant or sentimental place from the past    —an anointed conference    —a church or a prayer room I’m not looking for … More What I (Really) Need