I’ll never know how much it cost, to see my sin upon that cross …


As I gently sing the familiar words, my heart is stirred. Tears well up and begin to flow freely.  A wave of gratitude sweeps over me,  and I remember …

I remember the cross.

I remember that I’m saved by grace. I remember the great price you paid to save me. I remember that it’s only by your blood I’m free.

I remember that every intimate moment; every tender touch; every encounter; every single moment in your presence …

Came at a cost I can scarcely imagine. 

I remember your love; I remember your mercy. I remember that because I’ve been forgiven much, I’m compelled to love much.

I remember that I was the joy set before you.  You did it for me. You wanted me. You still want me.  You thought I was worth it …

You still think I’m worth it. 

I remember that your promises are “yes and amen.” I remember that “It’s finished!” And because it is, I remember that it’s worth my all “to press on to lay hold of that for which you’ve laid hold of me.”

I remember that while there is breath in my body, it’s never too late. It’s never too late to do and be all you created me to be.  

I remember that nothing is impossible for you.

Mostly, I remember you. And when I remember you …

I remember Love.

It’s not always easy to remember. It’s not supposed to be easy. “Love suffers long.” Remembering will never take away all the pain of this life. But it does put things in perspective. And when things are in their proper perspective …

     ~My circumstances
     ~My heartache
     ~My failures
     ~My disappointments …

Don’t seem quite so overwhelming anymore. They don’t seem quite so insurmountable anymore. They don’t seem quite so out of the ordinary anymore.

They don’t seem quite so impossible anymore.

Because I remember. I remember you. I remember you are for me and you are with me. I remember you’ll never leave me.  I remember you overcame.

I remember you love me.

No, I’ll never know how much it cost. I can’t even begin to fathom it, really. But because of what you did, there is one thing I can know …

 I can know you.

And that’s worth remembering …


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